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The Landrum-Griffin Act includes which of the following provisions

The Landrum-Griffin Act includes which of the following provisions?

A) Management must offer a right-to-work provision.

B) Management may not interfere with a union's organizing efforts.

C) Unions must report their financial activities to the Department of Labor.

D) Labor union members may not participate in secret ballot elections.

22) The ________ regulates how unions are organized, how they run their own business, and what their fiduciary responsibilities are.

A) Taft-Hartley Act

B) Landrum-Griffin Act

C) Railway Labor Act

D) Wagner Act

23) A recent union election at Proactive, Inc. was run without any kind of federal government assistance. Which of the following is true of this action?

A) It is perfectly legal. The government is not allowed to be involved in union formation.

B) It is illegal under the Taft-Hartley Act.

C) If the union vote was conducted off of company grounds, it is legal. If it was conducted on company grounds, it is illegal.

D) It is the most common practice of labor organizers.

Additional Case 15.1

Billiards, Inc. makes collapsible pool cues and other billiard products. Tegau, the general manager, has called a management team meeting with Tammy, the director of HR; Gary, the VP of operations; Ramonia, the employee relations specialist; and Ryan, a labor relations consultant.


Tegau wants ideas from her management team about what to do concerning the possible unionization of their workers. Tammy suggests that they do nothing, let the union conduct its vote, and if certified, treat it as a legitimate worker representative of the workers. Gary says the firm should begin aggressively opposing union organization. He thinks first-line supervisors should be brought in and told that if workers in their areas vote for the union, the supervisors will lose their jobs and the company might sell off the unionized part of the business. Ramonia suggests that Billiards, Inc. tell the employees about their current plans to upgrade employee benefits and working conditions—a project she's worked on for the last six months.


Management decides to mildly oppose the union but the union is certified anyway. Tegau is now in her first contract negotiation. Ryan explains to the union that if they will accept flexible work rules, the employees can have more fulfilling jobs, the company will save money which it can spend on benefits, and the union will start with a positive relationship with the company. The union representative says "No way. We go on strike in ten days."

24) Refer to Additional Case 15.1. Gary's suggestion:

A) violates the Wagner Act.

B) is permissible under the Taft-Hartley Act.

C) violates the Landrum-Griffin Act.

D) is a standard management practice in these situations and is legal.

25) The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency created by the Taft-Hartley Act.

26) Featherbedding creates a union agreement that causes employees to pay for services that they are not receiving and/or forces them to hire extraneous workers.

27) Right-to-work laws make it illegal to deny unions the right to organize.

28) A federal law designed to protect employees' rights to form and join unions and to engage in such activities as strikes, picketing, and collective bargaining is the ________.

29) The independent federal agency created by the Wagner Act to administer U.S. labor law is the ________.

30) The ________ is a federal law designed to limit some of the power acquired by unions under the Wagner Act by adjusting the regulation on labor-management relations to ensure a level playing field for both parties.

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