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The invention of the Web 2 0 has occurred a huge transformation of the online promotional strategies of the organisation As mentioned by Phelps andJohnson 2006 the on line promotion can attract

The invention of the Web 2.0 has occurred a huge transformation of the online promotional strategies of the organisation. As mentioned by Phelps andJohnson (2006), the on line promotion can attract a wider mass and at the same time it is cost effective compare to the other modes of advertisements. In order to attract potential customer the performance of the corporate websites is needed to be monitored.
• Abstract and Acknowledgement – out of word count • introduction – 800 words • Literature review – 2500 words • Methodology – 2500 words • Results, analysis and discussion – 3500words • Conclusion and recommendations – 700 words • Reference , Appendix, Grant chat - out of word count The same three chapters (with an expanded version to reach your word count along with the modifications) that you included for your proposal should be inspired as the first three chapters in your dissertation too. However, you will have to increase the depth of the discussions in order to increase the word count, probably in literature review and methodology chapters. However you have to think about plagiarisms while keep in place. And your total dissertation will be more than 10,000 as you have added some from proposal b . As you must be already aware, your dissertation is developed based on the plan that you have outlined in your research proposal. Within it you need to cover the following sections and requirements; 1. First page design : first page should be looks like wow , please implement wow factor. 2. Acknowledgement 3. Nice and clear table of contain } Abstract • Is the summary of the research paper • Is the abstract adequate? • What is the purpose of the research? • What are its benefits and implications? • What methodology was used? (sample size, data analysis methods and tools) • What are the results?

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Order IdEHUK4662Order TypeDissertation (full)Words10000Deadline2015-01-16TopicA study of factors affecting online traffic generation in corporate websites in sportswear companies of UK: a case study of Adidas website" ( 1. Laxmi Kafle – MAT )SubjectMarketingRefrence SystemHarvard (With Page Numbers)Writer NameDM AssociateAdditional Requirementwriter: 4497 you have to double check on introduction, aim, research objective and research question, hupothasis question whethere these are corect or not, if not then modify as necessary and go head. After finished clint will show to teacher and if teacher said wrong then you have to rework all. so please make sure it corect. follow sample dissertation and guidliens. each and ever things are there. you are adviced to check PMP (dissertation marksheet) which will telll you which section you have to give more imp see sample teacher comment on previous dissertation so you have an idea what they are looking on it. which same our time and reduce chances to place for rework.Admin RemarkEXACTLY FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE AND GUIDELINES DO NOT MAKE ANY PROVISION FOR REWORK

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