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Home / Questions / The IEEE 802.3 protocol standard is also known as ________. A) TCP/IP B) Ethernet C) B

The IEEE 802.3 protocol standard is also known as ________. A) TCP/IP B) Ethernet C) B

 The IEEE 802.3 protocol standard is also known as ________.


B) Ethernet

C) Bluetooth


12) Which protocol standard used for wired LAN connections specifies hardware characteristics, such as which wires carry which signals?

A) intranet

B) WiMax

C) Ethernet


13) Which of the following statements about LAN protocols is true?

A) The access point uses both the 802.3 and 802.11 standards.

B) The IEEE 802.11 protocol is also called Ethernet.

C) The switch operates on the 802.11 standard.

D) WNICs operate on the 802.3 protocol and communicate with the switch.

14) ________ is a common wireless protocol used for transmitting data over short distances.


B) Broadband

C) Cable

D) Bluetooth

15) Which of the following protocols are commonly used by LAN?

A) IEEE 802.11g


C) Cable

D) WiMax

16) What is the protocol commonly used for wireless LAN?

A) IEEE 802.11g



D) IEEE 802.3

17) Which of the following is true of an ISP?

A) It converts digital data in the user's computer to an analog signal.

B) It facilitates a one-way information transfer process between the user's computer and the Internet.

C) It have free access to the Internet.

D) It serves as a user's gateway to the Internet.

18) A ________ must be used to convert a computer's digital data to an analog, or wavy, signal.

A) tunnel

B) switch

C) modem

D) router

19) Which of the following is true of DSL modems?

A) DSL modems use television lines for data transmission.

B) Their signals do not interfere with voice telephone service.

C) DSL modems use the same protocols as cable modems.

D) DSL services and speed are standardized across applications.

20) What is the performance guarantee offered by SDSL connections?

A) They provide dedicated lines for data transmission.

B)  They offer the same fast speed in both directions.

C) They offer higher download speeds than ADSL lines.

D) They offer a data backup and recovery service.

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