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The following can get in the way of sensual and sexual pleasure, especially for men: a.un

The following can get in the way of sensual and sexual pleasure, especially for men:

a.unrealistic expectations.

b.overemphasis on orgasm.

c.fear of being unable to perform.

d.all of the above.



12.Organic causes of erectile dysfunction include

a.cardiovascular disease.


c. kidney disease.

d.neurological and hormonal issues.

e.all of the above.



13.Psychological factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction include all of the following except

a.feelings of guilt.

b.prolonged depression, hostility or resentment.

c.feelings of superiority and arrogance.

d.anxiety about personal adequacy

e.fear of pregnancy



14.____________ is a major factor that can interfere with being in a frame of mind that will allow a woman’s body to respond sexually.


b.Negative conditioning

  1.                 Sensual deprivation
  2.                Mechanical lovemaking



15.___________ can be conceived of as a close emotional relationship characterized by a deep level of caring for another person.

  1.                 Sexuality
  2.                Sensuality
  3.                 Intimacy
  4.                Enmeshment



16.   Fear-arousing campaigns have been ____________________ in getting young sexually active people to use condoms with regularity and engage in safer sex practices.

a.    extremely effective

b.    somewhat effective

c.    ineffective

d     intermittently successful



17.The last stage of a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, which attacks and weakens the body’s natural immune system, is



  1.                 STIs.
  2.                HPV.



18.Which of the statements below regarding the effects of sexuality on one’s health is not true?

a.Sexual health correlates so much with general health that the former can be considered an efficient marker of the latter.

b.Research has shown that high ejaculation frequency might be associated with a higher risk of total and organ-confined prostate cancer.

c.Women’s health tends to be positively influenced by endocrine events and physical and emotional reactions associated with sexual activity.

d.A wide range of better psychological and physiological health indices are associated specifically with penile-vaginal intercourse.



19.   Which statement below pertaining to sexual intimacy in later life is accurate?

a.    The number of people who engage in sexual activity decreases with each decade, but many people remain sexually active well into their 80s and even later.

b.   Poor health is the factor that carries the most weight in influencing one’s level of sexual activity in older adulthood.

c.   Poor health has little influence on one’s level of sexual activity in older adulthood.

d.   a and b

e.    a and c



20.According to the text, the Internet generates approximately _____________each year from people in search of sex.

a.$20 million

b.$60 million

c.$2 billion

d.$13 billion

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