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The focus of this assignment is to draw upon your analysis of national culture of two countries in..

The focus of this assignment is to draw upon your analysis of national culture of two countries in Assignment 1 to develop an assessment of similarities and differences in managerial processes and organisational culture which an international manager can expect to encounter in these two countries. Issues you may wish to examine could include how culture affects individualism versus group orientation, communications, decision-making, autocratic versus delegated leadership, superior-subordinate relationships and managing teams. In the report utilise appropriate academic theories about cross-cultural management to create frameworks to support your proposals. Utilise similar information sources that were utilised in Assignment 1.You may find some added benefit in obtaining information of the operations, and possibly any international activities, of major organisations in the two countries that are being compared. There is an example given for this assignment which is on US and can take some idea from there but just for an need to be writing your own content and outline of the assignment shall also be different from the example..

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Table of Contents  TOC \h \z \t "Heading 1" \c  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288990" Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc428288990 \h 3  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288991" Concepts of cultures in Australia and Japan  PAGEREF _Toc428288991 \h 3  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288992" Theoretical Frameworks of Cultural Dimensions  PAGEREF _Toc428288992 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288993" Approach to Power Distribution  PAGEREF _Toc428288993 \h 6  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288994" Social relationships between Japan and Australia  PAGEREF _Toc428288994 \h 7  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288995" Approach to Uncertainty and Social Control  PAGEREF _Toc428288995 \h 8  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc428288996" Conclusion 9 References................................................................................................................10  Introduction A country’s national culture is the set of the behaviours and beliefs, norms and customs of the citizens of that country. National Culture defines the system of values of the building blocks of culture exist within the country’s population. Global and international organisations create their management strategies and other policies regarding with the national cultures of the country where it establish their market (Russell-Smith, Whitehead & Cooke, 2009). The national cultures differ from country to country according to their language, dress, behaviour, celebration or holidays. The paper focuses on the cultural differences of Australia and Japan, along with the impacts of the cultural diversity on different aspects of their national performances. From the history, the cultures are changed in many aspects and the core values are promoted in various ways (Deleersnyder et al. 2009). Cross cultural is the part of social science that needs to research to understand differences between other countries culture. The research as referred by Russell-Smith, Whitehead & Cooke (2009), in present situation, cross cultural function act as...



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