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The first solid food to be added to the baby’s diet between four and eight months of age

 The first solid food to be added to the baby’s diet between four and eight months of age should be

a.strained fruit.

b.strained green vegetables (for instance, spinach).

c.iron-fortified rice cereal.

d.any kind of strained baby food.

12.              Solid foods should be given to babies

a.before the bottle with milk is offered.c.alternately with the bottle of milk.

b.after the bottle with milk is offered.d.about two hours after a bottle feeding.

13.              In a group of preschoolers of the same age, you can generally expect that

a.boys and girls will eat about the same amount of food.

b.girls will eat somewhat more than boys.

c.boys will eat somewhat more than girls. predictions can be made about how much food children will consume, because there is such a wide variation among young children.

14.              The Food Guide Pyramid is ancient Egyptian papyrus which gives us insight into the eating habits of people who lived centuries ago.

b.a listing of foods that are appropriate and inappropriate for young children.

c.a cookbook published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

d.a guide for daily food choices.

15.              The mineral most closely related to the formation of healthy bones and teeth is



16.              The best sources of carbohydrate come from

a.cookies and other sweet desserts.c.eggs and cheese.

b.meat and dairy products.d.fruit and whole-grain products.

17.              Vitamin C, found in citrus fruit and some vegetables, is useful in

a.building strong bones and teeth.

b.preventing anemia.

c.aiding in healing wounds and broken bones.

d.All of these answers.

18.              The “meat and other proteins group” of the basic food groups includes

a.meat, poultry, fish, and tofu.c.dried or cooked beans.

b.eggs.d.All of these answers.

19.              Preschool-age children should have ____ serving(s) of foods from the meat and other proteins group each day.


c.three to four

d.No recommendations have been established.

20.              Young children tend to prefer

a.casseroles in which some of their favorite foods are mixed together.

b.unusual and exotic foods.

c.unmixed, simple foods.

d.the same few food items served frequently.

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