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The final submission should include A comparative report of around 4000 words and a presentation which would be assessed on a group basis The comparative report should be an integrated one

The final submission should include: A comparative report of around 4,000 words and a presentation, which would be assessed on a group basis. The comparative report should be an integrated one, i.e., do not present each firm separately, but present results of each part for the set of firms in one section. The requirements are as follows: 1. Analyze the corporate governance structure of the firms and in the context of published literature of agency theory; critically assess where the power in the firm lies and the potential for conflicts of interests at the firms. 2. Develop a risk profile for your firm, estimate risk parameters, and use these parameters to estimate cost of equity and cost of capital for the firm. Investigate how systematic risk factors are taken into account in your company and critical analyze the impact of financial leverage on your company’s risk level. 3. Examine current financing choices and the trade off between debt and equity For your firms; Investigate the possibility of alternative methods of debt financing with their advantages and disadvantages, fully costed (where possible), and make recommendations of the optimal mix. Considering the equity base of your company, critically outline the options available should the firm need to raise further equity funds. Also consider if preference share should be employed. Note: 1. The key to producing a high quality report is critical analysis. Credit will be given for opinions supported by evidence. Credit will not be given for lists, for example names of directors and how often they attended meetings, copied from annual reports without critical comment. 2. You can present the report in a format that works best for you. 3. Use tables to summarize data and findings where you can. In your group report, since the analysis is paralleled across the companies, you might find it useful if you start each section with a table that summarizes your findings for that section across the companies in your group. 4. You should have all the companies discussed in an integrated report in the group report, by section. 5. Include copies of the data sources that you used for your report (such as the London Stock Exchange website information or annual reports) in an appendix and provide an appropriate reference list for all sources. Do not give me complete copies of annual reports, just pages from which you have derived information. 6. As part of your literature review, you are expected to use articles from the list of journals that have been given in the module handbook or the academic articles that are available from our electronic resources (at Middlesex University). Sources of information: 1. Databases: Bloomberg (available in level 1 library) DataStream (available in level 1 library) FAME, OSIRIS 2. Websites: Financial Time London Stock Exchange (you can get the company’s PDF file from the website), Bloomberg ww


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