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The employees of the Shop Rite Foods Inc Shop Rite warehouse in Lubbock Texas elected the United Packinghouse Food and Allied Workers Union as its bargaining agent Negotiations for

The employees of the Shop Rite Foods, Inc. (Shop Rite), warehouse in Lubbock, Texas, elected the United Packinghouse, Food and Allied Workers (Union) as its bargaining agent. Negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement began. Three months later, when an agreement had not yet been reached, Shop Rite found excessive amounts of damage to merchandise in its warehouse and concluded that it was being intentionally caused by dissident employees as a pressure tactic to secure concessions from Shop Rite. Shop Rite notified the Union representative that employees caught doing such acts would be terminated; the Union representative in turn notified the employees.

A Shop Rite manager observed an employee in the flour section— where he had no business being— making quick motions with his hands. The manager found several bags of flour that had been cut. The employee was immediately fired. Another employee (a fellow Union member) led about 30 other employees in an immediate walkout. The company discharged these employees and refused to rehire them. The employees filed a grievance with the NLRB. Can they get their jobs back? N. L. R. B. v. Shop Rite Foods, Inc., 430 F. 2d 786, 1970 U. S. App. Lexis 7613 (United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit)

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