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Home / Questions / The cyclic release of what 2 hormones governs pubertal breast development

The cyclic release of what 2 hormones governs pubertal breast development

The cyclic release of what 2 hormones governs pubertal breast development?

a.Prolactin and oxytocin

b.Progesterone and estrogen

c.Prolactin and estrogen

d.Progesterone and oxytocin

e.Testosterone and progesterone


12.The functional units of the mammary gland are the:


b.myoepithelial cells.



e.secretory cells.


13.Milk “comes in” during which stage of lactogenesis?

a.Lactogenesis I

b.Lactogenesis II

c.Lactogenesis III

d.Lactogenesis IV

e.Lactogenesis V


14.What hormone is necessary for the let-down reflex?





e.Both c and d


15.Control of the amount of milk produced is regulated by _____. strongly an infant suckles often an infant suckles many infants are fed much milk is removed from the breast

e.Both c and d


16.A petite Southeastern Asian woman was not planning to breastfeed because she felt her breasts were so small that they would not produce enough milk. What information would be the best information for her to know?

a.Inadequate food intake by the mother decreases the quantity of milk, not the quality.

b.Small breasts would be able to meet infant demands and only store less milk, thus leading to more feedings.

c.Eating a rice and fruit diet would best support adequate milk production.

d.Drinking more water and milk products would make up for the smaller breast tissue.


17.On the second feeding after birth, a first-time mom was concerned that her infant was not getting enough milk. What would the lactation consultant want the new mom to know?

a.The first milk is highly concentrated in nutrients and provides a large amount of protein.

b.The infant needs only ½ to 2 tsp at each feeding for the first two days.

c.The infant needs human milk substitutes to ensure adequate energy intake.

d.The infant needs supplemental sugar water to ensure adequate energy intake.

e.a and b


18.Breast milk is isosmotic, which means breast milk _____.

a.contains milk proteins

b.has the same concentration of molecules as the mother’s body plasma

c.has the same concentration of molecules as human milk substitutes

d.has a greater concentration of molecules than human milk substitutes


19.The major component of breast milk is _____, while the second largest component is _____.

a.water, lipids

b.lipids, water

c.protein, carbohydrate

d.carbohydrate, protein

e.protein, lipids


20.The dominant carbohydrate in human milk is _____.






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