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The Cardiovascular Association is a group that is open only to heart surgeons

The Cardiovascular Association is a group that is open only to heart surgeons. The Cardiovascular association is an example of a:

a.citizen group.

b.think tank.

c.professional association.

d.focus group.



12._____ are informally organized, often temporary groups that spring up around an issue or an event.

a.Professional associations

b.Agricultural associations

c.Labor unions

d.Social movements

e.Trade associations


13.The Mayor of a certain city plans to reduce the existing forest cover by five percent in order to build a few more luxury resorts. Some of the citizens of Wellsville have formed an association to oppose this move of the Mayor. These citizens have formed a(n): movement.

b.agricultural association.

c.labor union.

d.professional association. association.


14.Which of the following interest groups emphasizes demonstrations rather than regular lobbying and is more a network of activists than an organization?

a.Trade association

b.Professional association

c.Labor union


e.Social movement


15.GMA is an organization that consists of all garment manufacturers. GMA lobbies for tax related and regulatory issues that affect all its members. GMA is an example of a(n):

a.focus group. movement. association.

d.agricultural association.

e.labor union.


16.The two formative experiences in the American history that helped to expand the interest groups from a local to a national level were the:

a.Civil War and the Progressive movement.

b.Battle of Alamance and the Progressive movement.

c.Civil War and the Era of Good Feelings.

d.Battle of Alamance and the Era of Good Feelings.

e.War of the Regulation and the Gilded Age.


17.Which of the following interest groups pushed for the prohibition of alcohol?

a.The National Labor Union

b.The Women’s Christian Temperance Union

c.The Grand Army of the Republic

d.The Grange

e.The Alliance


18.One of the factors that complicate interest group formation is the problem of:

a.categorical grants.



d.public goods.

e.block grants.


19.All citizens in a country have a right to be protected by the police and none of the citizens can be prevented from availing this right. Here, protection provided by the police is an example of a(n):

a.block grant.

b.categorical grant.

c.public good.




20.A public good always brings with it the problem of:




d.liberals. riders.

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