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The business case is a document that facilitates a decision to start or continue a new project major product development or feature enhancement It should contain the information necessary for the

The business case is a document that facilitates a decision to start or continue, a new project, major product development or feature enhancement. It should contain the information necessary for the business to make a decision. The business case is the one place where all relevant facts are documented and linked together into a cohesive story that has to convince the decision maker. This story tells people about the what, why, how, when, where, and how much. A word caution, the business case should be short and concise instead of a thesis or you'll find that many will not read it. The purpose of a business case is to provide the minimum amount of information required to facilitate a decision to perform some activity that will somehow impact the product, its customers or the business. The 6D for case building framework: 1. Define the case: Write the subject statement. Describe proposed actions and scenarios to analyze. Also, identify business objectives addressed. write the purpose statement. Explain who will use the case and for what purpose. Also, describe information the case must deliver to meet the purpose. Explain why these objectives are important. Also, show how these objectives align with business strategy. Also, explain how current threats and constraints impact action choice. 2.Design the case: Designate case scope and boundaries. Explain, whose costs and whose benefits belong in the cse. Also, stipulate the analysis period in view. Identify essential assumptions for projecting costs and benefits. Develop reasoning to legitimize outcomes as benefits. Explain how the analysis values non financial outcomes in financial terms. Present one cost model for all scenarios. Identify all relevant cost categories for the case. Also, identify cost items for each category. Also, explain methods for estimating costs. 3. Develop the case: Project scenario costs and benefits as cash flow events. Also, project impacts on non financial "key performance" indicators(KPIs) 4. Decide the case: Analyze the compare financial metrics from each scenario. Compare impacts on important KPIs. Show how underlying assumptions impact business results. Measure the likilihood of different outcomes. Also identify significant risks. 5. Deploy the case: Recommend one scenario for action. Set targets for critical success factors and contingencies. Provide tactics for lowering costs and increasing gains. Also, provide tactics for accelerating gains. Identify risks to monitor over time. Also, provide tactics for mitigating risks. 6. Deliver the case: Plan and implement the recommended action scenario. Use analysis to maximize investment performance. Also, show how to accelerate gains. Also; validate and update significant assumptions continuously.. Therefore, if we take the above points in consideration along with the given points as situation and strategy for business case then an effective business case can be prepared...

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