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Starline is a small children clothing manufacturer and retailer that has seen rapid

Starline is a small children's clothing manufacturer and retailer that has seen rapid growth in the last twelve months and a significant increase in employees. At a meeting of managers, a number of issues are raised.


One manager suggests establishing an EAP because of the increase in troubled employees at the firm. However, other managers state that such programs are costly and would not provide Starline with significant benefits.


Another manager states that Starline needs to develop an employee handbook to address issues related to the growing staff. Some managers express concern about the potential legal issues surrounding the use of an employee handbook.


Numerous managers state that there has been a noticeable decrease in productivity since every office worker was provided Internet access along with e-mail accounts. Managers discuss methods for increasing productivity and preventing misuse of the system.


One manager suggests that the company perform employee attitude surveys in order to help monitor the state of employee relations and make hiring and firing decisions during the next hiring cycle. This manager proposes that a third party perform the surveys and that employees not be told the purpose of the survey.

95) Refer to Additional Case 13.2. Which of the following is the most appropriate response to the criticism regarding the establishment of an EAP?

A) Employers usually gain financial benefits that outweigh their out-of-pocket EAP expenses.

B) EAPs are only important for large businesses, so an EAP would be a waste of money for the firm.

C) EAPs are notorious for being unable to provide problem resolution for troubled employees.

D) Employees tend to dislike the presence of EAPs in a business, since they think it means the employers doubt the quality of the work force.

96) Refer to Additional Case 13.2. Which of the following is the most appropriate response to concerns about an employee handbook?

A) Starline should not create a handbook because they are irrelevant given modern technology.

B) The HR department at Starline should update the handbook at least once or twice a year to protect the firm legally.

C) Starline employees should sign the handbook acknowledging that the document contains policies but is not a contract.

D) Given that Starline is a small company, a handbook is unnecessary because policies can be conveyed verbally.

97) Refer to Additional Case 13.2. Which of the following actions would LEAST likely improve productivity at Starline?

A) Requiring employees to save all e-mails in individual folders

B) Making sure employees know that the company can monitor their e-mail use

C) Setting up a company online bulletin board for distribution of general information

D) Shutting off the computer beep that tells receivers that they have received a new message

98) Refer to Additional Case 13.2. What is the primary problem with the comments about employee attitude surveys?

A) A third party would most likely skew the results of the surveys and raise legal issues.

B) Employee answers may be dishonest if they are unaware of the survey's purpose.

C) An appeals system must be developed before gathering employee information.

D) The information should be used only for decisions about employee discharges.

99) The most important information dissemination tool for HR is the employee handbook.

100) Despotism is the practice of favoring relatives over other members in the workplace.

101) Triple bottom-line reports inform both stakeholders and shareholders about a firm's social, environmental, and financial performance goals.

102) Teleconferencing permits workers to leave detailed voice messages for those they are contacting when the receiver of the message is not present.

103) E-mail has helped bridge the gap between lower-level and upper-level employees in organizations.

104) E-mail systems in the workplace have increased productivity in all firms.

105) According to the courts, e-mail belongs to the company, not the originator of the message.

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