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Home / Questions / Some of the inhabitants of Hillwood have started a movement where they aim to clean-up the

Some of the inhabitants of Hillwood have started a movement where they aim to clean-up the

Some of the inhabitants of Hillwood have started a movement where they aim to clean-up their local water bodies. If successful, all the inhabitants of the city will benefit from this effort. Those people who will enjoy the benefits even though they were not part of the movement are known as:


b.liberals. riders.




22.Aids that can be given to some people but withheld from others are known as:

a.selective benefits.

b.public goods.

c.block grants.




23.A certain trade association offers its members advice and information on laws and regulations that affect them and also runs training programs for them. These aids are not available to non-members. These aids are examples of:

a.block grants.

b.selective benefits.

c.public goods.




24.Independent foundations that specialize in research on public policy are known as:

a.think tanks.


c.quality circle.




25.For interest groups, _____ are intangible resources.

a.their members and the sympathy people feel for them

b.their general reputation and the sympathy people feel for them

c.their general reputation and the money at their disposal

d.their general reputation and their members

e.the money at their disposal and the sympathy people feel for them


26.When using _____, interest groups work directly with the officials. rules

b.administrative discretions

c.inside tactics

d.outside tactics

e.closed rules


27.When using _____, interest groups influence officials indirectly by working in elections and by mobilizing supporters to put pressure on the officials.

a.closed rules

b.inside tactics rules

d.outside tactics

e.administrative discretions


28.The People for Environment is a citizen group active in Shermer. Recently they got to know that their government is planning to build new residential areas by clearing out some of the forest areas. In order to stop the government from taking such a step, the group is gathering supporters and planning a protest march. People for Environment is trying to influence the government through:

a.inside tactics.

b.administrative discretions.

c.closed rules. rules.

e.outside tactics.


29.Which of the following methods are inside tactics used by interest groups?

a.Campaign contributions and campaign assistance

b.Lobbying and litigation

c.Protests and boycotts

d.Lobbying and grassroots lobbying

e.Advocacy advertisements and demonstrations


30.When representatives of an interest group meet with officials in order to persuade them to enact a policy, a law, or a regulation, it is known as:



c.amicus briefing.



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