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Smiths’ newspaper endorses a just and unbiased style of news reporting. The editors of the

Smiths’ newspaper endorses a just and unbiased style of news reporting. The editors of the paper encourage reporters to present the “facts” in a fair and neutral manner. Which of the following types of journalism does Smiths’ newspaper promote?

a.Citizen journalism

b.Tabloid journalism

c.Pack journalism

d.Yellow journalism

e.Objective journalism


22.A type of journalism prevalent in the early part of the twentieth century that exposed corruption in business and government in order to promote reform is referred to as _____.







23.Which of the following statements is true of objective journalism?

a.It made newspapers watchdogs for government accountability.

b.It fueled the rise of sensationalism and blaring headlines.

c.It promoted affiliation of media with political parties.

d.It led to the flourishing of the partisan press.

e.It encouraged biased and subjective reporting.


24.Which of the following statements is true of talk radio?

a.It allowed for an indirect form of private discourse.

b.It was mostly hosted by people with clear-cut liberal viewpoint.

c.It never became a major political force though it was immensely popular.

d.It functioned as an outlet for those Americans who felt that mainstream media articulated conservative viewpoints.

e.The hosts of the talk radio voiced their own opinions and interacted with callers on the air.


25.Which of the following is most likely to be true of media effects?

a.It refers to the stability of public opinion which is not affected by contradictory information presented by a news source.

b.It majorly affects policy stances of people but has no effect on voting preferences.

c.Stories about events in nearby countries tend to have greater media effects.

d.Stories involving normal everyday experiences tend to have greater media effects.

e.People with weak preexisting views are most susceptible to media effects.


26.Programming designed to appeal to a particular segment of the population is known as _____.




d.hammocking switching


27. Recipes Central, a channel that shows cookery shows round the clock; Baseball Mania, a channel dedicated to baseball matches and shows; and Check Mate, a channel exclusively for chess players and fans; are examples of a type of programming termed as _____.




d.dayparting switching


28.Media, such as cable television and the Internet, that led to a vast increase in the amount of information available to the people and allowed targeting of particular segments of the population via specialized channels and Web pages is known as _____ media.






29.Which of the following types of media makes use of technologies such as blogs, texting, video file sharing, and other Internet resources that enable people to exchange information; thereby, blurring the line between news consumer and news producer?

a.Old media

b.Social media

c.Print media

d.Fluid media

e.Static media


30.Which of the following is true of narrowcasting?

a.It was facilitated by the proliferation of channels provided by cable and satellite services.

b.It involved extensive programming designed to appeal to as many people as possible.

c.It led to the rise of channels that focused on generalized programming.

d.It made political compromise by policy makers easier.

e.It decreased partisanship and depolarized public opinion.

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