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Semester Project Part 2:

Semester Project Part 2: E-Marketing Strategy and Strategic Plan

For this assignment you will produce a strategic plan that outlines your E-Marketing strategy. This exercise involves Steps 2-4 of the Seven Step Marketing Plan detailed in your textbook. Your plan will form Part/Topic 4 in your completed Semester Project that you will assemble and submit in Module 6.

Refer to the textbook page 62, Exhibit 3.2, Step 4, and textbook pages 65-67, for guidance.

Your strategic plan should include discussion and support for the following topic and subtopics:

E-Marketing Plan Parts/Topics

Written Assignment 2  

Seven Step Marketing Plan

Step 2: E-Marketing and Strategic Planning

Step 3: Objectives

Step 4: E-Marketing Strategies

  1. E-Marketing Strategies

Product or Service offered

Distribution of Product or service

Customer Relationship strategies

Differentiation of your proposed product or service

Positioning of the product or service in the e-market

E-Marketing Plan Template

Use the E-Marketing Plan Template when you work on your assignments for the semester project. The template outlines the eight separate parts/topics your plan needs to address and shows how things should be organized.

You should download the template and use the segment you need for the particular assignment you are working on.

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