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Saint Pierre on the Caribbean Island of Martinique was destroyed by which of the following ash and pumice falls

Saint Pierre on the Caribbean Island of Martinique was destroyed by which of the following?

a.ash and pumice falls

b.flowing lava

c.pyroclastic density currents

d.poisonous gasses

e.a tsunami

12.Which of the following types of eruptions are considered effusive?

a.Plinian eruptions

b.Domes and coulees

c.Stombolian eruptions

d.Vulcanian eruptions

e.Hawaiian eruptions

13.Which volcanic hazard was responsible for most of the deaths from the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa volcano, Indonesia?

a.lava flows


c.pyroclastic density currents


e.volcanic landslide

14.What does the dust veil index (DVI) refer to?

a.a way of classifying dust storms

b.a way of relating a specific eruption to its impact on climate

c.a way of measuring the severity of air pollution

d.the rate at which the earth is drying out of the factors considered in global warming studies

15.What is a volcano called that has not erupted in living memory but shows evidence of having erupted within the past few thousand years?




e.a high risk volcano

16.Judge the following sentence according to the criteria given below: Ancient volcanic calderas are a particularly rich source of important metallic ores like copper, nickel, zinc, lead, and silver BECAUSE these dense heavy metals get left behind when the caldera explodes.

a.The assertion and the reason are both correct, and the reason is valid.

b.The assertion and the reason are both correct, but the reason is invalid.

c.The assertion is correct, but the reason is incorrect.

d.The assertion is incorrect, but the reason is correct.

e.Both the assertion and the reason are incorrect.

17.Which of the common volcanic landforms is the largest in size?

a.shield volcano

b.composite volcano

c.cinder cone

d.volcanic dome


18.Based on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) which of the following  volcanic eruptions had the weakest explosivity?

a.Kilauea, Hawaii

b.Mount St. Helens, Washington

c.Crater Lake, Oregon

d.Lassen Peak, California

e.Yellowstone, Wyoming

19.What type of tectonic setting is responsible for New Zealand’s Taupo Volcanic Zone?

a.Oceanic Hot Spot

b.Continental Hot Spot

c.Oceanic-Continental Subduction Zone

d.Oceanic-Oceanic Subduction Zone

e.Mid-ocean Ridge

20.Which of the following methods is NOT useful in forecasting the probability of a volcanic eruption?

a.swelling measured by tilt-meters or satellite interferometry

b.earthquakes measured by seismometers

c.changes in Earth's gravity field measured by gravimeters

d.changes in the composition of fumarole gas measured by a gas chromatograph

e.reversals in the local magnetic field measure by magnetometers

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