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Running head: MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 1 Minor League Baseball Toni-Ann Averils American Mili

Assignment 3: Marketing Plan
Instructions: The City Council of Charles Town has retained your services to continue with the development of a Minor League Baseball team. Based on the recommendations you made, you need to create a marketing plan to help market the new baseball team both internally and externally. The most important thing to be marketed is the actual team itself as a brand new Minor League Baseball Single A baseball team in Charles Town, WV. It is important the marketing plan includes a quality public relations and community relations campaign in order to generate interest and support throughout the community. Having a well-developed marketing plan is essential to the new baseball team’s success, and must be linked to the overall core mission and core values developed previously.
Upon approval of the City Council of Charles Town, your marketing plan will be presented and executed by the future Director and team of Marketing, Public, and Community Relations.
The structure of the marketing plan should address the following areas :
Executive Summary: This section acts as a concise overview of the marketing plan. This section should be brief (approximately one page) and focus on only the major objectives.
Team Name and description of the main objective/vision for this team/organization
Target audience
Short and long-term goals/objectives
Marketing overview
Public Relations/Community Relations vision
Marketing Environment: This section provides a brief overview of the demographic, social, and economic climate associated with the city of Charles Town and marketing for this team/organization.
Environmental factors (societal and cultural)
Economic and financial conditions
Stakeholder and political influences
Marketing Objectives: Identify specific marketing objectives associated with generating revenue/profit through ticket sales, luxury suites, merchandise, sponsorship, advertising, etc.
Target Market: Identify specific information regarding the audience targeted for this marketing plan.
Environmental factors (societal and cultural)
Marketing (SWOT) Analysis: Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with marketing this team/organization.
Competition (local, national, etc.)
Marketing Mix: Description of the strategies for each phase of the marketing mix.
Create a PowerPoint covering the areas listed above for presentation to the City Council of Charles Town. Remember, the PowerPoint must be in bulleted format and must include a notes section. The notes section should be the script you will use for your presentation such that if you were unable to make the presentation, someone else could make the presentation by reading what you’ve written in the notes section. No animations/transitions.
Be sure to carefully proof your work, and follow APA format throughout. The last slide of your presentation should be your reference list. At least two scholarly references are required.

Length of Assignment: 15-20 PowerPoint Slides (not including title page and references)

Page 5 of attached is my recommendations.

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