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pls help statisttics

pls help statisttics

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STA 2023, TEST NR. 4 (Triola 4th edition) B C. C. Fall Term ch. 8.2 -8.5; 9.3 -9.4 Please show all your work. An answer alone will get no credit. An ilegible answer will not be graded. Any guesswork is disregarded. Perform the indicated hypothesis test. Assume that the two samples are independent simple random samples selected from normally distributed populations. Also assume that the population standard deviations are equal (??1 = ??2), so that the standard error of the difference between means is obtained by pooling the sample variances . 1) A researcher wishes to determine whether the blood pressure of vegetarians is, on average, lower than the blood pressure of nonvegetarians. Independent simple random samples of 85 vegetarians and 75 nonvegetarians yielded the following sample statistics for systolic blood pressure: Vegetarians Nonvegetarians n1 = 85 n2 = 75 x1 = 124.1 mmHg x2 = 138.7 mmHg s1 = 38.7 mmHg s2 = 39.2 mmHg Use a significance level of 0.01 to test the claim that the mean systolic blood pressure for vegetarians is lower than the mean systolic blood pressure for nonvegetarians. Use the P-value method of hypothesis testing. 1 ^ Find the value of the test statistic z using z = p -p pq n . 2) The claim is that the proportion of drowning deaths of children attributable to beaches is more than 0.25, and the sample statistics include n = 616 drowning deaths of children with 30% of them attributable to beaches. Assume that you want to test the claim that the paired sample data come from a population for which the mean difference is µd = 0. Compute the value of the t test statistic. Round intermediate calculations to four decimal places as needed and final answers to three decimal places as needed. 3) x 5.9 5.7 3 11.1 6.3 12 9.1 7.3 y 4.1 5.4 4.1 6.4 6.7 6.7 5.2 5.6 2 Solve the problem. 4) Write the claim that is suggested by the given statement, then write a conclusion about the claim. Do not use symbolic expressions or formal procedures; use common...

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