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QUESTION SET ONE You recently accepted a position as the Vice President of Human Resources for...

QUESTION SET ONE You recently accepted a position as the Vice President of Human Resources for the GOBN (Good ‘Ol Boys Network) law firm. You quickly learn that employment attorneys don't always listen to their own advice. GOBN is desperately in need of a mid-level associate to work on collective and class action wage and hour cases. Barry Bonds, a very muscular man and long-time hiring partner at the GOBN firm, is interviewing candidates at an off-site location. Mr. Bonds typically asks the candidates about their education and experience, but ends every interview with a sports trivia question, figuring that attorneys cannot relate to clients unless they can talk sports. Many women have applied for jobs at the GOBN firm, but none have been hired. Analyze the fact pattern using the IRAC formula. 1. First, identify the narrow Issue(s) identified in the fact pattern. 2. Second, identify the Rule or test the courts use to analyze such issues. To receive points for this part of the question, you must reference the case in which the rule/test was applied using a complete case citation. 3. Third, identify the court's Application or Analysis of the salient/most important facts to the rule/test. 4. Finally, using the court's analysis, identify the Conclusion that you anticipate the court would reach based on the facts presented in the GOBN pattern. QUESTION SET TWO Bonds reviews the resumes submitted, and then settles on two candidates: Jerome Seinfeld and Elaine Benes. Jerome is a former sportswriter, while Elaine has an impressive list of athletic accomplishments, including membership in the Ohio State Sports Hall of Fame for her accomplishments on the volleyball court. The following exchange occurred during the interview process: Barry: Please summarize your experience, Mr. Seinfeld. Jerome: I have nine years of experience in collective and class action. I love wage and hour law, it's always been my passion. I authored a wage and hour manual, and I'm frequently quoted in Crain's. If you're looking for a player in this field, mine is the biggest name. Barry: Who holds the single season home run record in the MLB? Jerome: Of course I know the answer, you hit 73 back in 2001; now that I've answered your question, I assume our interview is done. Barry: Hold your horses, one more question, and then we're through. Our biggest client loves the Ohio State Buckeyes. We keep him drunk and happy in our luxury suite. Can you attend the games each Saturday, that's where he likes to meet? Jerome: I can't work on Saturday because of my religious observation, but I'd be happy to meet the clients at another time and location. Barry: Thank you for your time and interest in GOBN. We'll get back to you soon, with our hiring decision. Moderator: Mr. Bonds next interviews Elaine.



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