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Project/Report Plan Have you produced a clear and logical project plan that states an aim and objectives Have youcommunicated ideas thoughts and information and integrate the mega trends demands

Project/Report Plan Have you produced a clear and logical project plan that states an aim and objectives?Have youcommunicated ideas, thoughts and information and integrate the mega trends, demands, operational/management challenges and opportunities of your chosen tourism sector and organisation with academic concepts? Have academic and industry sources been included?Does it show a clear and logical focus of the report? Abstract Does your abstract summarise your assignment? Does it include your findings and key recommendations and conclusions? Is it of appropriate length (max. 250 words)? Company analysis Have you provided background of your chosen organisation? Have you undertaken a comprehensive critical analysis of your chosen organisation? Have you discussed and critically evaluated relevant mega-trends and demands in your chosen sector? Have you provided relevant statistics? Have you ensured the analysis is focused on your chosen organisations and provides a critical discussion of the main characteristics and trends of the sector? Addressing issues from your analysis Have you built your arguments based on the analysis? Have you provided clear solutions to the opportunities and operational challenges you have identified? Have you presented aspects and measures that are already in place (these could be supported by examples) as well as your own recommendations? Have you included different management functions, e.g. marketing, product development, support services etc.?

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The Institute of Hospitality and Tourism TM 5009 - Managing International Tourism Academic Year 2018/19  Assessment Guide  Term 1(w/c 01/10/18 – w/c 17/12/18)  Module Leader Birte Schmitz Contact Details: 020 8223 7911 Room:DL 3.24 Student Hours: Monday:2-4 Thursday: 10-1  Other Tutors N/A  Assessment Individual Report (100%) of 2500 words (including a 1 Page A4 project/report plan.)Report Outline/Resource Submission: Thursday 15th November 2018, 4pm. Submission Final Report: Thursday 20thDecember 2018, 4pm. Both on Moodle ASSESSMENT Details of the assignment task: Details of the task:You are required to complete a 200 word project/report plan anda 2300 word individual report. It is based on an organisation from a tourism sub-sector of your choice, for which you are to conduct an analysis of how this organisation addresses certain issues. Weighting: 100% of the total module mark Learning outcomes assessed by the task: Knowledge 1. Discuss the requirements of different types of tourism demand Thinking skills 2. Assess the demand for tourism and its implications for the management of tourism supply 3. Evaluate the implications of key external drivers on the provision of domestic and international tourism through its sub-sectors Subject-based practical skills 4. Provide management recommendations Skills for life and work (general skills) 5. Develop and present a reasoned argument to a target audience Deadline for submission:see above We strongly suggest that you try to submit all coursework by the deadline set as meeting deadlines will be expected in employment. However, in our regulations, UEL has permitted students to be able to submit their coursework up to 24 hours after the deadline. The deadline is published in this module guide. Coursework which is submitted late, but within 24 hours of the deadline, will be assessed but subjected to a fixed penalty of 5% of the total marks available (as opposed to marks...

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