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Production / Operations Management (29:311) Homework Assignment 4 Instructions You must re


I see that you answered the 1st part of the question (A-C)Can you please do the Excel part as well for question 1)part D)? You do not need to do the second question at all.

So the question is incomplete. Thank you.

Production / Operations Management(29:623:311)Homework Assignment 4InstructionsYou must read these instructions before proceeding to the solution.1-Submission: This assignment must be submittedelectronicallyusingblackboard assignment manager. Email and physical submissions will not begraded, no exception. If you don’t know how to use blackboard assignmentmanager, see the fileSubmitting Assignments Using AssignmentManager.pdfin the assignments section on blackboard.2-Submission attempts: You are allowedtwoattempt for this submission. Inthat attempt, you can upload multiple files; however, only the files in the lastattempt will be graded.3-Due Date: This assignment is due onFriday December 11thby 11:59 PM.4-Late submission. No late submission is allowed for this assignment to postthe solution early enough before the final exam.5-Questions: This assignment includes2questions:Questions 1, and 2 require model formulation and computer solution.6-Points: This assignment includes100points.7-Submitted work: You need to submit the following:a.Option 1: one Excel file for all questions.b.Option 2: one Word file for the models and manual solution, and oneExcel file for values and formulas.8-Please add your name and section number in the heading of the Excel sheetsand the word file (if any).9-Academic integrity policy will be applied strictly on all cheating cases.Minimum sanction is 0 points for homework grade which represents 35% ofyour course grade.10-For any questions, related to this homework, please use the designatedthread on the discussion board.

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