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Problem 1 Answer both parts of the question Very briefly describe your organization

Problem 1: Answer both parts of the question:
(a) Very briefly describe your organization in terms of the following:
i) the nature of the business;
ii) its size;
iii) an approximate break-down of the workforce – for example, proportions of workers who are full-time/ part-time, male/ female, permanent/ temporary;
iv) who (or which department) takes responsibility forHRMfunctions.
(b) What links can you identify between the organizational characteristics you have described and your organization’sHRMfunctions?
Problem 2: To what extent can theHRMsystem in your organization be regarded as ‘strategic’? Give specific examples to support your answer.
Problem 3: Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages for your organization of the following HR practices: (a) workforce diversity and (b) work-life balance.
Problem 4: Assess the impact of equal opportunities legislation on the recruitment practices of your organization. Support your answer with specific examples.
Additional Information:
These questions is from human resources management. The questions range from describing the nature of the business of organization that you work in, its size, the breakdown of workforce, the human resource functions of your organization to strategic plan of the human resource department, the disadvantages of human resource department of your organization, the work culture, etc. The solution explains all of above mentioned points.
Total word limit: 3061 words

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