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Policies that state that either party in an employment relationship can terminate that rel

Policies that state that either party in an employment relationship can terminate that relationship at any time, regardless of cause, are called _____. 

A. due process policies


B. employment-at-will policies


C. counter cyclical hiring policies


D. employee liability policies


E. affirmative action policies



73.A policy that lays out the steps an employee can take to appeal a termination decision is called a(n) _____. 

A. counter cyclical hiring policy


B. outsourcing policy


C. employment-at-will policy


D. due process policy


E. affirmative action policy



74.Which of the following is an example of an intrinsic reward? 

A. A manufacturing organization offering a monthly bonus on joining the firm at a particular position in a particular city


B. A firm providing free vehicles to employees who are promoted to the managerial level


C. The Army appealing to the patriotism in people to get more new recruits


D. A bank offering loans at a subsidized rate to its employees


E. A school management giving monthly bonuses to the teachers



75.The approach that pays employees higher wages than what competitors pay their employees in similar roles is called the _____. 

A. premium-wage approach


B. free-rider effect


C. lead-indicator approach


D. lead-the-market approach


E. first-mover advantage



76.Sometimes, organizations advertise just to promote themselves as a good place to work in general. This is called _____. 

A. product advertising


B. image advertising


C. informative advertising


D. proactive advertising


E. subliminal advertising



77.Which of the following is an example of image advertising? 

A. Orange Inc. releases an advertisement promoting the product it produces.


B. Paper Corp. publishes its profit details in the newspaper.


C. Richmond Inc. releases an advertisement on television about an event it is promoting.


D. Umbrella Corp. asks its employees to work on Saturdays for the next three months to meet project deadlines.


E. Rain Inc. releases television advertisements that give an idea about the pleasant working conditions in the organization.



78.Which of the following is an advantage of relying on internal recruitment sources? 

A. It is a good way to strengthen one's own company, while weakening one's competitors at the same time, because it increases diversity.


B. It generates a sample of applicants who are well known to the firm.


C. The applicants are relatively less knowledgeable about the company's vacancies and are hence easily trainable.


D. Because of the applicants' lack of knowledge about a particular position, their expectations are easy to meet.


E. It results in a workforce whose members all think alike and who therefore are more suited to innovation.



79._____ are people who apply for a vacancy without prompting from the organization. 

A. Internal employees


B. Direct applicants


C. Referrals


D. Poached employees


E. Virtual employees



80.Ron works as a sale executive for Janus Inc., a large manufacturer of turbocharged engines. He hears about a vacancy for sales manager at Ios Inc., a competitor in the same industry, and sends in his résumé requesting Ios to consider him for the vacancy. Ron is an example of a(n) _____. 

A. poached employee


B. virtual employee


C. internal employee


D. referral


E. direct applicant

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