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Planned physical fitness programs for young children should revolve around and sp

Planned physical fitness programs for young children should revolve around and sports. and sports. and play.

d.structured activities that are somewhat competitive.




22.              Competitive activities in the early childhood program

a.are inappropriate and should not be included at all.

b.should be closely supervised. children learn how to win and lose gracefully.

d.prepare children for the competitive world of elementary school.




23.              When planning physical activities in the early childhood program, the teacher might

a.include daily vigorous activities such as calisthenics, obstacle courses, or music and movement.

b.allow children to make choices in their physical activities. an active and enthusiastic participant with the children.

d.All of these answers.




24.              The steady weight gain of American children over the past few decades can be most accurately attributed to

a.increased fast food consumption.

b.the rise in video game and computer use by children.

c.increased food intake and decreased activity level.

d.children being encouraged to “clean your plate.”




25.              Outdoor play primarily a time in which children can expend excess energy. an integral part of the early childhood program and should be carefully considered in setting learning and developmental objectives for the total program. a time when teachers can take a break from the demanding involvement with children.

d.should never include planned or structured activities, because such activities are intended for indoor use.




26.              The outdoor play area and children’s outdoor play can enhance social skills, such as sharing and cooperation, ensuring that children have to wait for a turn to use popular items such as swings and tricycles.

b.when children are told that they must follow the rules so that others do not get hurt. providing equipment such as tire swings on which several children can swing together, wide slides on which more than one child can slide down, or movable equipment with which the children can build new structures together. providing a time and place in which teachers do not get involved so that children have to solve their own social conflicts.




27.              The benefits of blocks are primarily that they enhance

a.large and small muscle development involved in lifting, bending, stretching, reaching, manipulating, and balancing blocks.

b.cognitive concepts, because blocks naturally promote matching, noting similarities and differences, comparison, and addition/subtraction.

c.creativity as children build a variety of structures and patterns, role-play, or engage in problem solving.

d.All of these answers.




28.              Blocks made of hard wood in standardized sizes and shapes, of which the basic dimensions are 51/2 inches by 23/4 inches by 13/8 inches are called

a.unit blocks.c.wooden blocks.

b.hollow blocks.d.standard blocks.




29.              Puzzles are ____; however, Lincoln Logs can be described as ____.

a.more difficult, easier to use

b.of greater learning value, just for fun rather than for learning

c.self-correcting, open-ended

d.made of hard wood, made of soft wood




30.              When selecting and purchasing manipulative construction toys for an early childhood program, a good guideline is to buy

a.materials that can be used in an endless variety of ways.

b.a wide variety of sets, each of which is used for a specific outcome (for instance, for building a truck, crane, or helicopter).

c.materials that boys will enjoy, such as ones fitting a transportation theme, and materials that girls will find appealing, for instance, ones that enhance doll play.

d.sets of materials with many small pieces for all ages, because children will grow into these as they use them.



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