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Paying attention to the feelings content of the employee communications process is especia

Paying attention to the feelings content of the employee communications process is especially important when a company is:

A) downsizing.

B) growing.

C) stable.

D) hiring.

12) Reed is sending an e-mail message to Chandra in HR about a new hire he is considering. The e-mail message is the ________ component of the communication process.

A) encoding

B) channel

C) feedback

D) noise

13) To ensure accurate understanding of a message, the receiver should:

A) accurately encode the message.

B) compensate for noise.

C) choose the best channel.

D) provide feedback to the sender.

14) Travis has been showing Shay the basics of C++ computer programming. Shay knows very little about programming and does not understand most of what Travis says. Travis uses terms and concepts that are unfamiliar to Shay. Shay's difficulty in decoding the message most likely comes from:

A) noise.

B) incorrect facts.

C) inadequate feedback.

D) poor employee relations.

15) A manager is explaining a project to his staff. The employees ask questions about the details of the project, and they request a delivery date change. The manager agrees to the new deadline. This meeting is most likely an example of:

A) downward communication.

B) upward communication.

C) two-way communication.

D) lateral communication.

16) Georgio is planning on providing feedback to employees based upon a recent general job assessment. Which of the following would be LEAST effective during the feedback session?

A) Focusing on specific employee behaviors

B) Providing feedback immediately and privately

C) Making the feedback personal and evaluative

D) Focusing negative feedback on controllable behaviors

17) Jana and her student Julie are discussing revisions that Julie needs to consider for her composition's next draft. Jana will ask a question and then Julie will respond, and perhaps ask a question of her own. The two discuss the paper for nearly 25 minutes, talking back and forth about good aspects of the paper and areas that could be improved. This conversation is an example of:

A) one-way communication.

B) two-way communication.

C) downward communication.

D) upward communication.

18) ________ communication allows managers to influence employees and to implement decisions they have made.

A) Downward

B) Lateral

C) Two-way

D) Upward

19) ________ communication allows employees at lower levels to communicate their ideas and feelings to higher-level decision makers.

A) Downward

B) Lateral

C) Two-way

D) Upward

20) Presently, the U.S. economy is shifting from a(n) ________ to a ________ base.

A) information / industrial

B) agricultural / information

C) industrial / information

D) technological / industrial

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