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Parliament passed the Coercive Acts in response to the

Parliament passed the Coercive Acts in response to the:

a.Glorious Revolution.

b.Stamp Act Congress.

c.Gordon Riots.

d.Boston Tea Party.

e.Boston Massacre.


12.The First Continental Congress:

a.contained representatives from all the colonies except Syria.

b.allowed the presence of British troops in the colony in times of peace.

c.approved the use of British goods in all the colonies.

d.officially created the Continental Army.

e.met as a response to the Coercive Acts.


13.Colonists prepared for conflict by organizing small groups of armed militia known as _____.







14.The Second Continental Congress:

a.issued the Bill of Rights.

b.officially created the Continental Army.

c.met as a response to the Coercive Acts.

d.failed to successfully approve the Declaration of Independence.

e.drafted the Magna Carta.


15.The _____ was the first, ill-fated, U.S. Constitution.

a.Charter Oath

b.Instrument of Government

c.Articles of Confederation

d.Bill of Rights

e.Magna Carta


16.The _____ was a statement written by Thomas Jefferson and approved by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, that asserted the freedom of the American colonies from Great Britain.

a.Magna Carta

b.Bill of Rights

c.Charter Oath

d.Declaration of Independence

e.Articles of Confederation


17.The idea that the government is accountable to the people and bound to protect the natural rights of its citizens is known as:




d.Epicureanism. contract.


18.The citizens and the government of South Park have an agreement that the citizens will obey the government as long as the government protects the citizen’s natural rights. This is an example of: autocratic agreement.

b.a social contract.





19. A social contract is said to exist when the citizens and the government of a country agree that the:

a.citizens will be the sole owners of all businesses within the country.

b.government will impose religious restrictions on the citizens but no moral restrictions on them.

c.citizens will substitute the government when the government deprives them of their natural rights.

d.government will not collect taxes from the citizens.

e.government will pay the house rents of all its citizens.


20.The first constitution of the United States, under which states retained sovereignty over all issues not specifically delegated to the weak central government was the:

a.Articles of Confederation.

b.Bill of Rights.

c.Declaration of Independence.

d.Magna Carta.

e.Charter Oath.

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