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Outline and briefly evaluate two suggestions for how the care team can ensure their decisions are made in the patients best interest Draw on theories and research from Block 1 of the module to inform

Outline and briefly evaluate two suggestions for how the care team can ensure their decisions are made in the patients best interest. Draw on theories and research from Block 1 of the module to inform your answer. For your ePoster, you will need to include material about how groups go about making decisions. Section 4.1 of Chapter 3 Are you with us or against us? Group processes and decision making in Book 1, which you read in Week 3, provides an overview of the key material that will be useful in developing your answer. Section 4.1.3 of the chapter is particularly relevant, as it deals specifically with decision making.
Here is the material
One of the key themes of Block 1 is how people understand and get along in the social world. This TMA draws on this theme by asking you to consider how psychology might be used to resolve a social issue. It offers you an opportunity to check you have understood key material covered in the first block of the module, and to apply relevant ideas to a scenario. This should help consolidate your learning of how psychological theory and research can be used in a specific context.
*********** Process and content words
This assignment includes two process words and so divides into two tasks. First, it asks you to outline two suggestions. The word outline indicates that you should give the main features of your suggestions (for each provide a concise description with an explanation as to the theory or model that it draws on) but omit minor details. You are also asked to evaluate the suggestions you have made. This means that you should consider the strengths and limitations of each suggestion in the context of the scenario. Do remember, however, that the assignment is not asking for your personal opinion; you will need to provide evidence from the module materials to support your position. In this TMA, the content words are ensure decisions are made in the patients best interest. You will need to consider the relevant theories on how to encourage good decision making when developing your advice.
Tips for writing
You should begin your work on the TMA by revisiting the material from Week 3 suggested above to re-familiarise yourself with the ideas presented there. Basing your advice on your learning, make two suggestions for how the care team might ensure decisions are made in the patients best interest. Outline and evaluate the two suggestions you have chosen. What might be the strengths or limitations of these suggestions in this particular context? Make sure that the two suggestions are explicit and relevant to the scenario.. Keep your audience in mind. You are developing advice for a care team. This means that, while they are professionals, they are non-specialists in this area and are seeking specific advice from you. As well as being easily understandable, the advice you develop should consider what information the professionals on the team might find helpful in reaching a decision as a group. Consider what their concerns might be; for instance, avoiding group polarisation and groupthink that could lead to bad decision making. You will need to organise your work into an ePoster. Learning how to design an ePoster is an important skill, because it is a common way in which ideas are communicated in professional settings. You will be developing this skill here and also in assessment in your future studies on DE300. You can use any software with which you are comfortable to create your ePoster. You can use software that is specifically designed for presentations; for example, prepare your poster on a PowerPoint slide or, if you prefer, use word-processing software such as Microsoft Word. However, these programmes can often look different on different computers, so once you have completed your ePoster, make sure you save it as a PDF file before you submit it. That way it will retain its original formatting so that your tutor will be able to see the poster as you intended.
******* Content Most importantly, make sure you are answering the question set. Provide two suggestions based on social psychological theories or models for ways the care team can ensure that decisions they make are in the patients best interest. You might find the following points helpful in completing this assignment. You should include: an informative and accurate title
a brief introduction that sets out the aims of the ePoster
two suggestions for the care team that refer to the relevant theories and research
an evaluation of the suggestions, providing psychological evidence
a brief summary and conclusion
visual aids (e.g. pictures, tables, graphs) to illustrate ideas and to add interest in the poster but make sure these are relevant and not just decorative
a list of references remember to reference all your sources.
Presentation Here are some helpful tips to consider regarding the presentation of your ePoster: carefully consider the order and layout of the information
be succinct and organise the information logically
try to avoid jargon and technical language, or define such terms if included
minimise detail in descriptions and avoid unnecessary repetition
use appropriately sized fonts which are large enough to be read easily
use appropriate font styles. Note that some font styles are easier to read than others. Stick to sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Calibri
use a larger font size for headings. Information of the same importance should be the same font size
left-align text using fully justified text will create large gaps between some words and make it difficult to read
leave breathing space around your text.

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