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Operational decisions concern day-to-day activities in an organization. In organizati

 Operational decisions concern day-to-day activities in an organization.

2) In organizations, decisions occur at three levels: operational, managerial, and strategic.

3) Information systems that support managerial decision-making are called transaction processing systems.

4) Decisions related to the allocation and utilization of resources are referred to as strategic decisions.

5) Strategic decisions are supported by executive information systems.

6) An unstructured decision process is one for which there is no agreed-on decision-making method.

7) A formula for computing the reorder quantity of an item in inventory is an example of a structured decision process.

8) Predicting future trends in the economy is an example of unstructured decision making.

9) Weather forecasting is an unstructured decision  process because weather itself is an unstructured phenomenon.

10) Augmentation information systems are those in which humans start the software and use the results, but hardware and software do most of the work.

11) An information system that computes the quantity of items to order for inventory is an example of an automated information system.

12) Automated information systems exist to enhance, support, or supplement, the work done by people, and humans do the bulk of the work.

13) Unstructured decisions are supported by augmentation information systems, and they are generally applied at the managerial and strategic levels.

14) Data analysis applications can be used in the intelligence gathering phase of the decision-making process.

15) The review step in the decision-making process may lead to another decision and another iteration through the decision process.

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