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Ok so i need some advice.?

My computer was recently infected with CryptoWall 3.0 and most of my game files have become corrupt and unusable you can look up what else this RansomWare does. I have no important documents on this computer however i am unable to play games on it. Since all the files on this computer are not of life or death importance should i just Format/Wipe my hard drive since even if i get rid of the CryptoWall RansomWare i will not have any of my files anyway and I will get rid of any other viruses in the process... Please do not recommend me anti-maleware programs as it would not matter since my files are being ransomed to me and i will not recover them anyway. Also this ransomware deletes any back ups so i cannot just reset it. Any advice would make me very grateful thank you for your time

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Answer (Solved)

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