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Nancy’s coworker earned a promotion and is transferring to the company’s headquarters in a

Nancy’s coworker earned a promotion and is transferring to the company’s headquarters in a different city. Nancy is convinced that her coworker’s real reason for leaving is to get away from her. She is committing which of the following cognitive errors?


a.    dichotomous thinking

b.selective abstraction





42.James looks back on his life with regrets, wishing that he could relive his life in such a way that he would devote more time to his family and less time to his work. According to Erikson, James has not successfully resolved the psychosocial crisis of

a.intimacy vs. isolation.

b.identity vs. identity confusion.

  1.                 generativity vs. stagnation.
  2.                integrity vs. despair.



43.According to Erikson, the central issue of late adulthood is

a.intimacy vs. isolation.

b.integrity vs. despair.

  1.                 identity vs. identity confusion.
  2.                generativity vs. stagnation.



44. On Ray’s 63rd birthday, he mentioned to his wife that since he was approaching retirement from the company he had worked for over 30 years, he had come to terms with the fact that he was not going to reach his lifelong goal of being Vice President of the company. Ray’s attitude suggests

  1.                 he is adapting to the challenges that are common during late middle age.
  2.                he is depressed about the fact that he didn’t achieve his goal and is deluding himself to think he has come to terms with it.
  3.                 he has low self-esteem and he would not give up his dream if he had high self-esteem.
  4.                he is trying to get his wife to feel sorry for him, which is a common phenomenon among men who are about to retire.



45.According to Erikson, persons who have succeeded in achieving ego integrity

a.yearn for another chance, even though they realize that they cannot have it.

b.view death as natural, even while living rich and meaningful lives.

  1.                 approach the final stage of their lives with a sense of personal fragmentation.
  2.                feel that they have a lot of unfinished business.



46.________ predisposes us to discriminate against the elderly by avoiding them or in some way victimizing them because of their age alone.


b.Age prejudice

  1.                 Stereotyping
  2.                Age discrimination



47. A new international group of independent global leaders working together for peace and humanity, known as ________________, were brought together by Nelson Mandela to bring about social change.


  1.                 The Council
  2.                The Elders
  3.                 The Wisdom Seekers
  4.                Mandela’s Agents of Peace
  5.                 The International Committee for Social Change.



48. Which of the following older adults is a Nobel Peace Laureate, veteran anti-apartheid activist and peace campaigner widely regarded as “South Africa’s moral conscience”?


  1.    Desmond Tutu
  2.    Gro Brundtland
  3.     Graca Machel
  4.    Ela Bhatt



49. One theory of human development that focuses on the period from roughly ages 18 to 25 is called

a.   emerging adulthood.

b.   late adolescence.

c.emerging autonomy.



50.______________________—thinking of the worst case scenario and the most horrendous outcome that could happen—is a common arbitrary inference.

a.    Personalization


c.Selective abstraction


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