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NAEYC has recommended guidelines for the use of standardized tests, including that a.he

 NAEYC has recommended guidelines for the use of standardized tests, including that

a.he same set of tests should be given to all children across the country to ensure validity and reliability.

b.only a knowledgeable and qualified person, who is sensitive to individual and cultural diversity, should administer tests.

c.only early childhood professionals who have at least a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or child development should administer tests. avoid subjecting children to too many testing situations, decisions related to placement should be based on one well-chosen test.

22              An alternative to traditional, often inappropriate methods of testing young children is called

a.developmental testing.c.the work sampling system.

b.the Stanford-Binet.d.achievement testing.

23.              Concerns about inappropriate testing and evaluation of young children have led professionals to suggest alternative approaches, which are more comprehensive, take into account the whole child, and focus on all aspects of development. Such an approach is called

a.standardized testing.c.authentic assessment.

b.developmental assessment.d.alternative assessment.

24.              The High/Scope Child Observational Record (COR) is based on

a.brief notes or anecdotes written by teachers, from which children are then rated on specific items.

b.key experiences.

c.sensitive periods.

d.carefully structured testing sessions where teachers observe children on High/Scope tasks to determine whether they are ready to move to kindergarten.

25.              An alternative method of assessment in which meaningful information and materials, such as artwork, writing samples, observations, photographs of experiments or projects, and other items, are collected over time is called

a.AMA (alternative method of assessment).

b.portfolio assessment.

c.achievement testing.

d.event sampling.

26.              Program evaluations, such as the Early Childhood Environments Rating Scale (ECERS), are used for

a.research purposes.c.program evaluation.

b.self-assessment.d.All of these answers.

27.              When sharing information with parents, it is important to

a.focus primarily on test results, because they provide objective information.

b.focus on the positive aspects of tests and not worry parents with any shortcomings or limitations of such devices, because that would only confuse them.

c.discuss test results in the context of the whole child, not in isolation. the parents see how their child fits into the class by sharing the test scores of other children.

28.              A running record provides

a.a detailed account of everything that occurred during an extended period of time.

b.documentation of a given behavior at specified intervals of time.

c.documentation of the number of times a specified behavior occurs.

d.a detailed description of each event of a specific behavior.

29.              Authentic assessment includes

a.All of these answers.c.standardized tests.

b.readiness tests.d.portfolios.

30.              Good observations should objective. subjective.

c.not be anecdotal.

d.only be used to count instances of specific behaviors.


31.              Teacher-designed assessments include


b.rating scales.

c.standardized tests.

d.a & b

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