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In last month Steakhouse Americus a pizza order delivering

n last month, Steakhouse Americus, a pizza order delivering food store, sold 1,000
“Works” pizzas, with price of $18 each. There were six employees working full time in last month, on a regular 8-hour per day schedule. Hourly wage rate is $10 per person.
Materials used for making each pizza (including allocated overhead expenditures) cost of $5.5. In this month, as the business grows and to satisfy the demand increase,
Steakhouse Americus hired one more part time person to work 4 hours a day, with hourly wage rate of $15. Full time employees are paid with the same wage rate as in the last
month. In total 1,200 pizzas have been sold in this month, with same price as that in last month. Materials costs for making each pizza increased to be $6 due to higher overheads. Ignoring other expenditures, assume the steakhouse opens 26 days per month, please use appropriate measure to compare the productivities in last month and this one. (Hint: calculate the productivities of both month, and calculate the growth rate.)

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