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MYOB Practice Set Register an account on Perdisco’s website:

MYOB Practice Set
Register an account on Perdisco’s website: Upon registration, enter the required information (university name, email address, your name on student ID, student ID number, subject (ACCT6003), campus, etc.)• Once completed the registration, email your username to your lecturer before the end of week 1. Your lecturer will then email you a unique free access code to the practice during week 2 – you do not need to pay for this practice.• Once received the access code, login to your Perdisco account and click on “Add a Product” on the top right corner, then enter the access code.• Start the practice set by following the instructions on Perdisco’s website. You have two attempts for this practice, and only the best result will be recorded for your assessment marks. This practice set is a large activity with students expected to take 20 study hours to complete over many days or weeks.• Please read and follow all instructions provided on Perdisco’s website and regularly back up your company file to prevent accidental loss of work. The practice set has been carefully designed so that all the information required is in on the exact page that it is needed. If you do not understand an instruction, you may go to the MYOB Learning Centre (, your ACCT6002 notes and textbook as well as any other study materials before proceeding. If you need any technical support, please email Perdisco’s support team:• This is an independent assessment and therefore the lecturer will not provide specific guidance in the process. When completed the practice, you do not need to submit any file to the lecturer, as all marking is done automatically by Perdisco. Your lecturer will receive your results directly from Perdisco. Any breach of Academic Integrity Policy will be investigated and penalised in accordance with Academic Integrity Procedures.

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