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Mr. Kenneth has been the longest serving member of the committee. He belongs to the majori

Mr. Kenneth has been the longest serving member of the committee. He belongs to the majority party that is the Democratic Party. He owed his power to the fact that he could get reelected year after year. Under which of the following rules, does he automatically become the chair of the standing committee?

a.Majority rule


c.Elastic clause

d.Seniority rule

e.Open rule


42.Safe seat: an important position specified in the Constitution.

b.means getting members to cast votes in the way the party leaders would like.

c.indicates members of Congress who, election after election, win by large margins. the position occupied by the president pro tempore. a position that only junior members of the majority party fill.


43.Which of the following is true with regard to the presidents and their impact on the operation of Congress?

a.Presidents can directly introduce bills. .

b.To succeed, presidents do not need votes from members of the opposition party, rather from empowering committees.

c.The support from members of the president’s own party is guaranteed, as members agree on ideological grounds.

d.In assembling coalitions, Congress responds only to pressures arising from within the House and Senate, rather than from outside forces.

e.American presidents serve for fixed terms, and a vote on any single issue is unlikely to affect the party’s control of the presidency in the next election.


44.Mrs. Lawrence is an agency official in Jacksonville, Florida. Her job is to lobby for Congress on behalf of the president. She has also served on a committee working for community affairs. This information indicates that Mrs. Lawrence is a(n) _____ liaison.



c.optional seat


45.Which of the following is the next step after introduction of the bill?

a.Committee action

b.Presidential action



e.Floor action


46.A committee’s line-by-line, word-by-word review of a bill’s text prior to a final vote on the modified version is known as _____.


b.pocket veto



e.mark up


47._____ is a parliamentary maneuver that allows a majority of House members to bring a bill up for a vote on the floor even though the responsible committee has not provided a final report.

a.Mark up

b.Discharge petition



e.Pocket veto


48.Which of the following allows germane amendments to be made from the floor during consideration of a bill?


b.Discharge petition

c.Open rule

d.Conference action

e.Committee action


49.Amendment to a bill that is usually unrelated to the central subject of the bill; allowed in the Senate but usually not allowed in the House is called _____.

a.floor action


c.discharge petition




50._____ means that a bill does not become law if the president fails to sign it within the required 10-day period and Congress has adjourned during that time.

a.Pocket veto




e.Mark up


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