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MG 371 Final December 2015 1. Frank has been promoted from his old job in the domestic div

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MG 371 Final December 20151.Frank has been promoted from his old job in the domestic division, to Manager of hiscompany’s international division. His new boss has instructed him to consider the effectsof globalization in his management approaches and decisions. Discuss what Frankshould know about management in the global environment and the forces ofglobalization.Answer:The first thing that Frank should know about global that it consists of the forces or conditionsoutside the local organization that make a difference as to how a manager is able to bring in anduse resources. In a domestic environment, managers are better able to know about the forcesaround them as opposed to in a global environment where they may not know the suppliers,distributors, customers or even their competitors. On the home front it is a lot easier to knowthose around you, but when business is done across an ocean, it’s a lot harder to know as muchand therefore harder to make better informed decisions. In addition there is technology,sociocultural, demographic, economic and political/legal forces that are a lot harder to control orbe aware of when dealing with business outside of the company boundaries. Conditions canchange quickly and not being close or having up to date knowledge/data can severely effectdecisions. While suppliers in a global environment may come at a lower cost and bargainingpower may be better, it’s important to also be aware of the threats when handling a global supply.Distribution when doing business globally can also be very different. It’s important thatmanagers evaluate how to best distribute their products so the most cost effective way to thecustomers within an appropriate amount of time is obtained. Customers what high qualityproducts fast and if they can’t have it, they will go to a competitor to get it. Living in the growingglobal environment we do, it makes it harder for global companies to have the competitiveadvantage due to barriers of entry and the above mentioned forces.2.In large organizations, planning usually takes place at three levels of management.Discuss the three levels and steps in the planning and strategy-making process. Be sureto consider how they are linked with each other.Answer:Three Levels of Planning: 1. Corporate-Level Strategy-Selection of business in whichthe company should compete. 2. Business-Level Strategy –Developing and sustaining acompetitive advantage for the goods and services that are produced. 3. Functional-LevelStrategy-The level of operating divisions and departments. Three steps in the planning process:1. Determining the Organization’s Mission and Goals - Through an analysis of informationgathered during environmental analysis, managers can determine the direction in which anorganization should move. 2. Formulating Strategy (Tactical Plan) – Analyze the currentsituation and develop strategies. Strategy formulation requires a series of steps performed insequential order. The steps must be taken in order because they build upon one another. 3.Implementing Strategy (Operational Plan) - Strategic implementation is the process that putsplans and strategies into action to reach goals. A strategic plan is a written document that lays out
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