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Meg and David Morris are the owner-managers of a medium sized business called CaféCo located on...

Case Study: Meg and David Morris are the owner-managers of a medium sized business called CaféCo located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. CaféCo provides customers with home-made meals prepared fresh each day. The family business has been operating for 10 years and prides itself on excellent customer service and provision of family-style meals in a restaurant. CaféCo also offers a take-away food service as well.
CaféCo was seen by the wider community as a successful medium-sized business offering quality meals at reasonable prices. CaféCo employs 60 staff with one general manager Nick Lowe running the restaurant. The opening hours were from 6am until 5pm and offered Breakfast and Lunch menus – seven days a week. Meg and David’s responsibilities were to source suppliers, order in food products and cleaning supplies, maintain plant and equipment and recruit staff. Nick managed the rosters, ensured staff were happy and productive, and opened and closed the café. He was always at CaféCo working alongside staff.
CaféCo experienced peak trading times (lunch times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday) weaker trading times (lunch Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Overall, breakfasts were the weakest of trading times and needed improving to attract more customers - all days of the week. At other times, the restaurant was either half-full or

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MGT3002 Assessment File Semester 2, 2017 Assessment details NOTES See online test schedule in the assessment section. This assignment is conducted on- line through the USQStudyDesk via UConnect. The Assignment MUST be lodged electronically via the electronic drop-box on the USQStudyDesk for MGT3002 Managing Change. Your assignment must be attached to the Assignment 2 Template (which includes the cover page and marking criteria sheet) which can be downloaded from the Study Desk. A specific protocol is required when naming your Assignment. Please ensure your naming conforms with the following: Your family/surname, initial of your given name, your student number and course code - MGT3002. Leave no gaps between each item. Using the Examiner as an example, the assignment name would therefore be -: BoeskeJ0061013345MGT3002 Where an assignment has a set word length and a student exceeds the nominated word length by more than 10%, then a penalty of 10% of the total available marks for the assignment may be deducted. Word length will be strictly adhered to. Assignments that are not submitted via the electronic drop- box will not be accepted for assessment. When the assignment is submitted through the ‘drop box’ on the Study Desk – it will automatically be checked through Turnitin. A report will be generated and you should allow about 24 hours for this report to be generated. The examination is scheduled to be held in the end-of-semester examination period. To obtain a pass in the course a 50% pass in aggregate must be achieved. Created with an evaluation copy of Aspose.Words. To discover the full versions of our APIs please visit: © University of Southern Queensland MGT3002 Semester 2, 2017 Assessment File  PAGE 1 Assignment 2 DescriptionMarks out ofWtg(%)Due DateAssignment 2 Case Study Analysis10045%14 September 2017 Length: 2000 words (with the usual 10% tolerances) Learning ...



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