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Measurement in traditional media channels such as TV and radio tends to focus on: brand im

1. Measurement in traditional media channels such as TV and radio tends to focus on: a. brand image b. targeted reach c. impressions d. exposure

2. Two metrics used to measure customer retention are: a. revenue and profit b. retail sales and ticket sales c. season ticket renewals and multi-game ticket renewals d. season ticket renewals and sponsorship renewals

3. The primary organizational need that marketing supports is: a. profit b. revenue c. customer generation d. brand image development

4. Revenue from ticket sales makes up at least ________ percent of total revenues for the four major professional sports leagues in the United States. a. 35 b. 50 c. 65 d. 80

5. Changes in the premium seating at stadiums and arenas include the following EXCEPT: a. decreasing demand for premium seats at the mid-level of a stadium b. relocating premium seats further from the playing field c. redesigning suites to accommodate 6 to 10 people d. allowing companies to share a suite

6. The secondary ticket market is best defined as: a. buying and selling tickets after the sporting event or game has started b. buying group tickets at a discount and selling them as individual game tickets c. selling tickets purchased from a sports property to someone else d. selling tickets to an independent company, such as StubHub Uni

7. Metrics that can be used to evaluate sponsorships include the following EXCEPT: a. sponsorship inventory sold b. rights fees paid by corporate partners c. activation fees paid by corporate sponsors d. sponsorship renewals secured

8. In terms of retail sales performance, ________ is the dollar amount spent on average by attendees at a sporting event. a. velocity b. total return c. margin d. per cap revenue

9. The service quality factor of ________ refers to employees’ willingness to help customers and offer prompt service. a. reliability b. empathy c. responsiveness d. assurance

10. A person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointment that result from comparing a product’s perceived performance to expectations is: a. customer satisfaction b. service quality c. service performance d. empathy

11. A managerial focus on motivating employees within an organization, whether frontline or support personnel, to understand their roles in meeting customers’ needs is: a. customer-focused marketing b. service-oriented management c. internal marketing d. management by objective (MBO)

12. Areas of emphasis for internal marketing include the following EXCEPT: a. leadership b. training c. innovation d. service

 13. The outsourcing advantage of ________ is especially important in locating sponsorships for a sports property since an agency is likely to have contacts that the sports property does not. a. resource availability b. expertise c. objectivity d. cost effectiveness

14. Reasons for keeping the marketing function in-house include the following EXCEPT: a. competition b. control c. consistency d. costs

15. Services that can be outsourced by a sports property include the following EXCEPT: a. talent management b. ticket sales c. sponsorship sales d. media

16. Operational functions that have the capability of producing revenue for a sports property if outsourced are: a. food service and retail merchandising b. media broadcasts and publications c. food service and promotional events d. publications and janitorial

17. Ticket sales jobs focus heavily on: a. acquiring new customers b. retaining customers c. prospecting for customers d. developing customer loyalty

18. Molly works in fan relations for a local professional football team. Her responsibilities most likely include the following EXCEPT: a. answering questions from fans b. responding to customers’ complaints and problems c. looking for fans that are good prospects for season ticket packages d. answering customer questions by email or telephone

19. Under the category of brand communications include jobs related to the following EXCEPT: a. advertising b. public relations c. customer service d. community relations

20. In the position of ________, an individual needs to proactively ensure the sports venue is prepared for fans and then manage fans’ experiences to ensure customer satisfaction. a. marketing operations b. event marketing/management c. facility management d. services marketing

 21. Ways to gain experience for a career in sports marketing include the following EXCEPT: a. education b. internship c. volunteerism d. sports participation

22. Katelyn knows networking is important for a career in sports marketing. A good starting place for her to network with business professionals is to: a. research their backgrounds b. volunteer at college sports competitions c. attend sporting events in the community d. post a resume on LinkedIn

 23. The social networking site that holds the greatest potential for networking is: a. Facebook b. Twitter c. Sportsworld d. LinkedIn

24. Typical tasks at sporting events that utilize volunteers include the following EXCEPT: a. supervising parking b. registering individuals for events c. staffing exhibits or displays d. supervising food service operation

25. Which of the following statements is most likely true about a valid internship? a. The internship takes the place of a paid position at the organization. b. The sports organization receives immediate benefits from the intern’s work. c. The work assigned to the intern is unfamiliar and unlike the student’s coursework. d. The focus of the internship is on training the student

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