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Marriage Equality is The Socio-Political: Sociology Assignment – Case Study Case Study 1: Marriage..

Marriage Equality is The Socio-Political: Sociology Assignment – Case Study

Case Study 1: Marriage Equality

Marriage equality is the socio-political identity that has been forming endless debatable discussion over the past few decades due to contrasting opinion relating to same sex marriages. This is an issue that is personal to some people and very religious to others and will never have an eye to eye discussion. On one side of the argument, a particular section of stakeholders had it that heterosexual marriages have by far been the only approved marriages since the beginning of time but now time has come for a whole new change to take effect. Ideally, heterosexual supporters claimed that the reason why same sex marriages need to be abolished from the modern society is that religious perspectives obligate faithful servants to lead righteous lives according to the image and likeness of God. Further to that people look at different other things to marriage inequality to agree or disagree with it. In this essay, a personal stand through the use of intersectionality as one of the applicable theories that can be used to analyze the ideologies and basic concepts will be discussed in relation to marriage equality to the satisfaction of the reader.

Marriage equality can be regarded as a necessary evil that the whole society needs to embrace in order to satisfy the personal desires of both heterosexual partners and same sex couples. For far too long now, concerned stakeholders that have been pioneering for the equality of marriages across all points of view seek to enlighten the whole world about the plight that new
same sex marriages go through in the modern world. For example, the current sitting president of United States: Donald Trump categorically stated that he will not be supporting any same sex marriages for all the terms that he would serve in office. This, coupled with several other instances of discrimination led to arise of controversial intersectionality ideas from all over the world.

Case Study 2: Intersectionality in relation to Marriage Equality

The theory of intersectionality states that the discrimination that has been in existence in society is not just a making of a single source, which, in this case is marriages but rather, it is constituted by a couple of factors that work hand in hand to finally come to that mentality. A deeper delve into this concept reveals the fact that it is indeed true that there are a couple of factors such as racial and religious discrimination as well as social segregation work hand in hand to procure discrimination that prevails across all schools of life. For example, the fact that racial discrimination exists over the differences of color simply means that other forms of inequality can exist as well due to the mere existence of racial discrimination alone. This is what the ideologies of intersectionality require the researcher to apply effectively in relation to the subject topic.

Additionally, from an intersectionality point of view, it can successfully be deduced that the opinions that arise in relation to marriage equality depend on the perspective of the stakeholder. In my own personal perspective, same sex marriages and heterosexual marriages have one in the same effect in the growth and development of society. That being mentioned, it is now safe to conclude that for as long as the business of heterosexual partners does not come between that of same sex couples, positive progressive growth in society. To second this fact, the argument that heterosexual supporters initially quoted for declining same sex propositions can be countered by the fact that test tube babies can be adopted by same sex couples and the world would still be filled just as obligated by God according to most religions in the world.


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