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Marketing Metrics and Research HW3 Prof. Miller QUALITATIVE RESEARCH After events that pla

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Marketng MeTrics and

Marketng MeTrics and ResearchHW3Prof. J. MillerQUALI±A±IVE RESEARCHAFer evenTs ThaT play a role in major shocks To The economy (SepTember 11, 2011 or Hurricane KaTrina,perhaps), consumers show a desire To Tone down Their consumer actvites. AT some poinT aFer adisasTer, however, iT is tme To geT back To business. Suppose you are approached by The owners ofseveral delicaTessens and full-service wine sTores in The Gulf-CoasT area. ±hey are uncerTain abouTwheTher They should simply mainTain The same positoning They had previous To Hurricanes KaTrina andRiTa, and They would like a reporT wiThin eighTy days.1.WhaT qualiTatve research Tool(s) would you recommend be used and why?2.[EThics Queston] Are There eThical issues ThaT you should be sensitve To in This process? Explain.PROBLEM DE²INI±ION1.EvaluaTe (ThaT is To say, be critcal of) The following sTaTemenT of marketng problems. ²or each,provide a decision sTaTemenT and corresponding research objectves:a.A farm implemenT manufacTurer: Our objectve is To learn The mosT e³ectve form ofadvertsing so we can maximize producT line pro´Ts.b.An employees’ crediT union: Our problem is To deTermine The reasons why employeesjoin The crediT union, deTermine members’ awareness of crediT union services, andmeasure aµTudes and beliefs abouT how e³ectvely The crediT union is operaTed.c.±he producer of a Television show: We have a marketng problem. ±he program’sratngs are low. We need To learn how we can improve our ratngs.d.±he invenTor of a Tension-headache remedy (a cooling pad ThaT is placed on Theforehead for up To four hours): ±he purpose of This researcher is (1) To identfy ThemarkeT poTental for The producT, (2) To identfy whaT desirable feaTures The producTshould possess, and (3) To deTermine possible advertsing sTraTegies/channel sTraTegiesfor The producT.e.A women’s magazine: Our problem is To documenT The demographic changes ThaT haveoccurred in recenT decades in The lives of women and To puT Them in hisToricalperspectve; To examine several generatons of American women Through mosT of ThiscenTury, Tracking Their roles as sTudenTs, workers, wives, and moThers and notng Thechanges in tming, sequence, and duraton of These roles; To examine aT whaT age andfor how long a woman enTers various sTages of her life: school, work, marriage,childbearing, divorce. ±his will be accomplished by analyzing demographic daTa overseveral generatons.

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