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MAJOR Computer virus, need help how do I remove it!?

So I installed something that contained this stupid adware, malware or something I don't know what it is but now Google Chrome has pop-up ads all the time, I got rid of the Trovi homepage portion on all my browsers but I still get the pop-up ads. I tried AdwCleaner but it is still in my Add or Remove programs list; speaking of, I CANNOT remove it, it gets stuck on "Please wait while windows configures Shopping Helper Smartbar..." and NEVER goes anywhere. Serious, can someone please help me my computer has increasingly gotten slower since I installed this and the pop-up ads are really annoying; they happen on ALL of my browsers, and the application I am sure is the cause of this. It does NOT show up in "Extensions" in Google Chrome or "Addons" in Firefox as they tell me it should, so basically the pop-ups are just....NATURAL now?! I need serious help, right away.

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Answer (Solved)

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