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Machiavellian supervisors may be more inclined to adopt a(n) __________________style of le

Machiavellian supervisors may be more inclined to adopt a(n) __________________style of leadership.

a.   authoritarian

b.   authoritative

c.   permissive

d.   neglectful



42. When making career decisions, it generally is wise to

  1.                 match your personal characteristics with occupational information and trends in the world of work.
  2.                base your decision on your childhood dreams.
  3.                 take the first path that comes to mind since it probably is the right path for you.
  4.                not dwell on how your values might influence your choice.



43. Which of the following should be avoided when exploring one’s career options?

  1.                 Using the resources at your college or university
  2.                Using online resources
  3.                 Talking to other people about their job satisfaction
  4.                none of the above



44. Interest inventories are designed to

  1.                 predict job success.
  2.                give some indication of job satisfaction.
  3.                 predict the job market.
  4.                assess your work values.



45. Belinda completed an interest inventory designed by Holland and discovered that her three most prominent areas were Artistic, Social, and Enterprising (ASE). Which of the following behaviors/attitudes/qualities would Belinda be least inclined to demonstrate based on her Holland profile?

  1.                 She would enjoy social gatherings and like to associate with well-known and influential people.
  2.                She would be creative, expressive, original, intuitive, unconventional, and individualistic.
  3.                 She would engage in scholarly and scientific endeavors and be pessimistic and critical about nonscientific, simplistic, or supernatural explanations.
  4.                She would behave in a friendly, warm, trusting, generous, enthusiastic, outgoing, and cooperative manner.



46. The jobs of advertising executive, architect, author, English teacher, film editor, interior designer, musician, and photographer would be aligned with which of the following personality types according to Holland?

  1.                 Investigative Type
  2.                Conventional Type
  3.                 Artistic Type
  4.                Realistic Type




47. Due to the great emphasis that is placed on career in this society, the transition to retirement

  1.                 can be a period of upheaval.
  2.                can be a positive experience with many benefits.
  3.                 is almost always devastating for the retiree.
  4.                a and b




48. Which of the following statements is not true about leisure activities?

  1.                 Leisure can become a substitute for work and provide opportunities to try out new activities and find meaning apart from our work.
  2.                Contrary to a widely held belief, leisure does not give us a respite from the responsibilities of work and relieve work stress because it tends to take too much time.
  3.                 Pursuit of leisure activities is associated with improved physical and cognitive functioning, increased happiness, and greater longevity.
  4.                Leisure time activities can satisfy self-expressive needs.




49. In recent years, protestors who were part of the ________________ movement on Wall Street and other places in the U.S. and abroad were hoping for the creation of more and better jobs, more equal distribution of wealth, bank reform, and a reduction of the influence of corporations on politics.


b.Civil Rights


d.Tea Party



50. If you are dissatisfied with your work environment and would like to discuss alternatives with your boss, you are advised to consider which of the following points?

a.Many employers will renegotiate rather than lose a quality person.

b.If you decide to broach this topic with your boss or supervisor, you should do so in a respectful manner, and be careful not to make disparaging remarks about your current duties or circumstances.

c.There are no guarantees that your employer will be receptive to your ideas or be in a position to implement them, so it is wise to handle situations like this with tact.

d.all of the above.

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