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Listed below are terms relating to quality management Appraisal costs Quality circles Quality cost report Prevention costs Quality

Listed below are terms relating to quality management.

Appraisal costs                                 Quality circles

Quality cost report                           Prevention costs

Quality                                               External failure costs

Internal failure costs                       Quality of conformance

Choose the term or terms that most appropriately complete the following statements. The terms can be used more than once. (Note that a blank can hold more than one word.)

1.        When a product or service does not conform to customer expectations in terms of features or performance, it is viewed as being poor in                                                                              .

2.        A product or service will have a low                                  if it does not function the way its designers intended, or if it has many defects as a result of sloppy manufacture.

3.        A company incurs                                   and                                      in an effort to keep poor quality of conformance from occurring.

4.        A company incurs                                    and                                      because poor quality of conformance has occurred.

5.        Of the four groups of costs associated with quality of conformance,                           are generally the most damaging to a company.

6.        Inspection, testing, and other costs incurred to keep defective products from being shipped to customers are known as                                                                            .

7.                                               are incurred in an effort to eliminate poor product design, defective manufacturing practices, and the providing of substandard service.

8.        The costs relating to defects, rejected products, and downtime caused by quality problems are known as   .

9.        When a product that is defective in some way is delivered to a customer, then               are incurred.

10.       Over time, a company’s total quality costs should decrease if it redistributes its quality costs by placing its greatest emphasis on                                                                        and                                    .

11.       In many companies, small groups of employees, known as                               , meet on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve the quality of output.

12.       The way to ensure that management is aware of the costs associated with quality is to sum- marize such costs on

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