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Let’s try to think of as many ways as possible that we might use to get to the airport for

Let’s try to think of as many ways as possible that we might use to get to the airport for our field trip.” This kind of brainstorming activity is an example of

a.transportational thinking.c.convergent thinking.

b.divergent thinking.d.inverted thinking.

2.              When a person is asked to come up with as many responses as possible to a particular question or situation within a limited time, this is called



3.              When something in the environment changes unexpectedly and quickly, the creative person’s ability to adapt to such change in a positive, productive manner is called



4.              Howard Gardner’s theory of intelligence is called the theory of

a.creative intelligence.c.transitional intelligence.

b.multiple intelligences.d.tactile intelligence.

5.              According to Howard Gardner, traditional theories used in education measure only limited aspects of intelligence such as

a.linguistic and logico-mathematical.c.kinesthetic and mathematical.

b.musical and spatial intelligence.d.reading and logic.

6.              Understanding that intelligence is expressed in many different ways by children allows educators to

a.focus on children’s weaknesses.

b.limit the experiences they offer to one or two modes of learning.

c.focus on academics rather than on creative experiences.

d.recognize and value the many ways in which children communicate and represent their ideas.

7.              A creative environment

a.provides activities and materials for artistic expression.

b.includes teachers who are open to and accepting of children’s ideas. arranged so that children can explore and select materials freely.

d.All of these answers.

8.              An art project in which all the children follow the teacher’s directions exactly to make a flower, and all of the children’s flowers look exactly alike, tells the children that

a.only a copy of the teacher’s work is acceptable.

b.unique expressions are unacceptable.

c.everyone should feel and think in the same way .

d.All of these answers.

9.              Which response is most likely to encourage children’s creativity?

a.“You really worked hard on your painting”

b.“What a lovely picture you painted”

c.“Look at Nicole’s picture, everyone Didn’t she do a great job?”

d.“Can you draw a house next to the tree here the way Rico did?”

10.              The teacher encourages children’s creativity by

a.providing enough time for children to get involved in and complete projects.

b.encouraging problem solving.

c.helping children find answers to problems or questions rather than providing solutions.

d.All of these answers.

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