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Khalils performance has become increasingly poor He is arguing with clients and his co-workers are uncomfortable

Khalil's performance has become increasingly poor. He is arguing with clients, and his co-workers are uncomfortable around him because of his displays of temper. Khalil's supervisor asks you, the HR manager, how to improve the situation. You should most likely suggest that thesupervisor:

A) refer Khalil to an EAP on the basis of emotional problems.

B) encourage Khalil to work the problem out himself.

C) refer Khalil to an EAP on the basis of his poor performance.

D) give Khalil a sabbatical that is effective immediately.

72) Most employees who take advantage of wellness programs:

A) are already health conscious and have healthy habits.

B) receive no benefit from their participation.

C) are required to do so by their company.

D) are seeking treatment for physical problems.

73) Wellness programs:

A) often duplicate the efforts of EAPs.

B) are an effort to reduce health-care costs.

C) have grown in response to pressure from OSHA.

D) usually have significant short-range positive results.


74) Wellness programs are primarily designed to:

A) eliminate violence in the workplace by identifying and treating potentially violent employees.

B) create drug-free working environments by providing confidential treatment for employees with substance abuse problems.

C) help companies lower health-care costs by proactively working to prevent health problems.

D) help employees whose job performance is suffering due to physical, mental, or emotional problems.


75) A complete wellness program does a number of things, one of which is:

A) helping companies maintain their current level of benefits.

B) eliminating competition for personal leave and vacation.

C) recognizing employee accomplishments and achievements on the job.

D) educating employees about health risks and identifying those risks through testing.


76) Which of the following aspects of a corporate wellness program would most likely be illegal?

A) Rewarding employee participation

B) Punishing employees for unhealthy behavior

C) Asking employees to complete a health assessment

D) Offering insurance premium deductions to participants

Case 16.1

Greenway Enterprises is a medium-sized manufacturer of electrical components. Recently, the company has experienced a number of workplace accidents. OSHA standards have not been violated in any of the accidents. One of the injured employees, Floyd, files a workers' compensation claim, which is upheld by the state. Doctors indicate that Floyd requires 8 weeks of vocational training before he can return to work.


77) Refer to Case 16.1. Which of the following covers the costs of Floyd's vocational training?

A) Total disability benefits

B) Impairment benefits

C) Rehabilitation benefits

D) Medical benefits


78) Refer to Case 16.1. Doctors determine that Floyd has a temporary partial disability and cannot return to work for at least 8 more weeks. What type of benefits would Floyd most likely receive as a result of this decision?

A) Total disability benefits

B) Impairment benefits

C) Survivor benefits

D) Rehabilitation benefits


79) Refer to Case 16.1. The HR manager at Greenway suspects that Floyd filed a fraudulent workers' compensation claim. Which of the following would be the most effective action to take?

A) Auditing Floyd's credit report for unpaid expenses

B) Communicating with workers who witnessed Floyd's accident

C) Refusing to pay any of Floyd's medical and rehabilitation expenses

D) Requesting that an OSHA inspector investigate the site of Floyd's accident

80) Refer to Case 16.1. As a result of numerous workplace accidents at Greenway, the firm's workers' compensation rates have increased significantly. Which of the following would be LEAST effective at keeping the firm's rates under control?

A) Requesting a variance from OSHA

B) Establishing an on-site health center

C) Providing safety training for workers

D) Auditing and investigating all claims

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