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Jake needs a communication tool that will allow the integration of voice text and video His best choice of tool would be

Jake needs a communication tool that will allow the integration of voice, text, and video. His best choice of tool would be:

A) multimedia technology.

B) the Internet.

C) electronic mail.

D) teleconferencing.


42) One key to managing workers who telecommute is to:

A) make telecommuting a term of employment.

B) use productivity-based compensation.

C) maintain schedules and deadlines.

D) visit their office site once a year.


43) Tom is the HR manager of a publishing company. The firm needs to hire several new employees, and Tom's assistant suggests that the new employees be telecommuters. Tom likes the idea but is not sure about the best way to manage telecommuters. Which of the following is the best suggestion for Tom?

A) Telecommuters need flexible deadlines to meet their varied schedules and other commitments.

B) The contract for the telecommuters should include performance expectations with measurable results.

C) The company should make no requirements to telecommuters about how often they must come to the office.

D) Select telecommuters who are creative and introverted since they will not likely interact with the rest of the staff.


44) According to estimates, managers and executives spend approximately ________ of their time in meetings.

A) 25%

B) 50%

C) 75%

D) 90%

45) Division or corporate meetings are primarily designed to:

A) help managers coordinate activities with subordinates in their units.

B) address important issues that affect an organization.

C) allow managers to explain specific goals with subordinates.

D) mix business with recreational activities.


46) Desmond, a manager at a manufacturing plant, wants to solve a specific and significant production problem. He should most likely schedule a(n):

A) informal meeting of the entire managerial group.

B) formal meeting of the relevant department managers.

C) retreat where managers can work together for an extended time on the problem.

D) "happy hour" type meeting where managers can relax and think of creative solutions.


47) Managers can make meetings more productive by following certain guidelines, such as:

A) distributing a carefully planned agenda before the meeting begins.

B) requiring attendees to take notes during the meeting to ensure understanding.

C) holding regular meetings regardless of need to shorten each meeting significantly.

D) keeping all meetings small in size for maximum interaction between co-workers.


48) Based on information in the text, which of the following is a true statement?

A) Italians use meetings to make decisions and take action.

B) Japanese gather information and analyze data during meetings.

C) U.S. managers utilize meetings to demonstrate their power.

D) Women tend to dominate the conversation in most meetings.

49) A firm has poor employee relations because of its highly charged, fast-paced work environment. The CEO wants to get people working together and thinking creatively as they prepare for the new year. Which of the following would be the CEO's best choice?

A) Regular, informal meetings in the company cafeteria

B) Formal, off-site meeting of department managers

C) Weekend retreat to a beach resort

D) Multimedia-based meeting

50) In general, retreats are:

A) inappropriate for family businesses.

B) harmful to most large corporations.

C) helpful at enhancing employee relations.

D) effective only for rewarding performance.

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