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Home / Questions / It is estimated that ____ percent of today’s American children live in poverty. lea

It is estimated that ____ percent of today’s American children live in poverty. lea

 It is estimated that ____ percent of today’s American children live in poverty. least 10c.20 to 25


12.              Three types of early childhood programs, categorized by their underlying purpose, are

a.child care, Head Start, and Montessori., enrichment, and compensation., school district, and Head Start.

d.dramatic play, art, and blocks.

13.              60% of all programs servicing children can be placed in what classification?

a.For-profit programsc.Federally run programs

b.Non-profit programsd.State run programs

14.              In the United States, when all ages of children are considered, the largest number are cared for child care babysitters or nannies. Head Start family child care homes.

15.              Which child is most likely to be cared for in a family child care home?

a.a preschooler with two working parents.

b.a preschooler whose single mother works. infant whose parent(s) work.

d.a school-aged child before and after school.

16.              In the first extensive study of family child care, Galinsky and her colleagues found that

a.the majority of the homes provided excellent care.

b.only a small percent were rated as good.

c.there was no relationship between the quality of the program and children’s development.

d.very few homes were rated as inadequate.

17.              The greatest increase in type of child care program or arrangement over the past several decades has been in programs.c.parent cooperatives. child care homes.d.children cared for by relatives.

18.              The fastest growing type of program today is infant/toddler programs.c.part-time nursery schools.

b.Head Start programs.d.before- and after-school care programs.

19.              The age group that represents the largest segment of children in child care is

a.infants.c.preschoolers. children.

20.              The kindergarten and primary curriculum approach characterized by a focus on all aspects of the children’s development, not just the cognitive, is called

a.child development.c.integrated curriculum.

b.Socio-emotional curriculum.d.the Jones Method.

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