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Home / Questions / is the process whereby a union is removed as the representative of a group of employees.

is the process whereby a union is removed as the representative of a group of employees.

  is the process whereby a union is removed as the representative of a group of employees.

a.       Decertification

b.       De-representation

c.       De-unionization

d.       Union busting



23.The process whereby representatives of management and workers negotiate over wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment is called _______________.

a.       arbitration

b.       power bargaining

c.       collective bargaining

d.       labor/management negotiations


24.In order to reserve to the employer the right to manage, direct, and control its business, virtually all labor contracts include a _______________ provision.

a.       non-negotiable issues

b.       management rights

c.       shareholders’ prerogative

d.       management reservation



25.               refers to provisions to aid the union in obtaining and retaining members.

a.       Union affiliation clauses

b.       Union rights

c.       Union‑management collusion

d.       Union security provisions



26.During contract negotiations the union negotiator has brought up the issue of changing the way overtime work is assigned.

a.       Management must negotiate on this issue as it is a mandatory issue.

b.       Management does not need to negotiate on this issue because it is a permissive issue.

c.       This is a non-negotiable issue because scheduling is part of management's rights.

d.       Because the union negotiators are asking for a higher level of overtime pay than time-and-a-half, this is an illegal issue and management may refuse to negotiate.



27.If both parties agree, bargaining over _______________ issues is allowed.

a.       optional

b.       joint

c.       permissive

d.       co-operative



28.If the organization argues that it cannot afford to pay what the union is asking, the employer must _______________.

a.       declare bankruptcy

b.       provide full financial disclosure information

c.       still negotiate in "good faith" until an agreement is reached

d.       provide necessary financial data if requested





29.In                , the parties agree to send negotiators who can bargain and make decisions, rather than people who do not have the authority to commit either group to a decision.

a.       good-faith negotiations

b.       labor/management negotiations

c.       honest bargaining

d.       collective bargaining



30.The process by which union members vote to accept the terms of a negotiated labor agreement is called _______________.

a.       authorization

b.       certification

c.       ratification

d.       localization


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