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Introduction to Marketing and its Enviroment notes updated

Course PurposeTo introduce the student to marketing fundamentals and strategies for IT and business productsLearning OutcomesUpon successful completion of the course, students are able to:i.Explain basic marketing concepts.ii.Discuss the contribution of marketing to an organisational set-up.iii.Apply the marketing research process and appreciate its essence in Decision Making.iv.Explain the practical relevance of the marketing mix.v.Implement Market and marketing analysis and make relevant recommendations.Course DescriptionIntroduction to Marketing; Concept and philosophy of marketing (Evolving orientations ofMarketing in organisations), The nature, scope and definition of marketing and related issues (needs, want, demand, transaction, exchange), The essence of a market-driven approach to businessas a whole, The link between marketing and sales, The marketing process - an overview, Marketingas a functional component of an organisation (The role of Marketing in an organisation),Organisation of marketing, Non-Profit Marketing, Relationship Marketing, The marketing mix -an overview, Overview of the E-Marketing revolution (The role of the web in Marketing, Natureof Business-to-customer Marketing, Nature of Business-to-business Marketing), Marketing as aforce behind economic development. Marketing Research – An overview of its Role in MarketingDecision Making; Nature and Scope of Marketing Information Systems (MIS/MKIS), TheComponents of Marketing Information Systems, Scopes of Marketing Research, The Importanceof Marketing Research, The Marketing Research Process -an overview of Research Designs, DataCollection Approaches/Methods, Data Collection Instruments, Sampling in Research, MarketMeasurement and Forecasting. The Marketing Environment, The Micro Environment; The Impactof the Micro Environment on organisations (Structural analysis and market power within the MicroEnvironment and how it affects the organisation). The Global Environment; Differentiate betweeninternational Trade and Multinational investment, The Challenges involved when organisationsoperate in more than one national market, The Impact of the Micro and the Macro environmentson Global Markets. Environmental Scanning and Analysis; SWOT Analysis. An overview of theInfluence of Consumer Behaviour on Marketing Action. Ethics in MarketingTeaching MethodologyLectures,practicalandtutorialsessionsinComputerLaboratory,individualandgroupassignments, exercises and project workInstructional MaterialsOverhead projector and computer, handouts, white boards, appropriate software.

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