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I need help on my final project. 

"Submit an International Marketing Plan for a small to medium company that you are familiar with. Stay away from the Fortune 500. This company should be an existing company and should NOT have international operations. You need to select a country (and preferably a city within that country) into which you think this company would be successful".

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PLAN SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONSObjective:The objective of the International Marketing Plan (IMP) would be forstudents to outline the launch of a product/service in an international market plan.For this matter, students could either use an ongoing company’s products/services(from a company currently operating in a domestic market, the US for example) thatare going to be taken to an international market (Canada for example). The ideawould be to analyze the proposed international market/country and be able todevelop an adequate marketing mix (along with the rest of the internationalmarketing plan components) that suits that international market/country in orderto make this venture a successful one.Submission Requirements:FINAL PAPER: A 15-20 page paper (not including the appendix with charts andworksheets, and reference pages) detailing the marketing plan for theproduct/service you have selected to introduce in the international market(country) that you think have the highest chances to succeed. The final paper shouldinclude each of the sections listed below. This paper should be submitted by the14th week of the semester (or as stipulated by the course syllabus).THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN YOUR FINALINTERNATIONAL MARKETING PLANSection #Section ContentIExecutive SummaryIISituational Analysis (current domestic history if an ongoing company)IIIMarket Analysis (international market/country) . Market Demographics. Market Needs. Market Trends. Market GrowthIVThe Competition (international market/country)VProduct/Service Offering (for the international market/country)VI
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