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Home / Questions / Information silos arise as a result of ________. the individual users of personal inf

Information silos arise as a result of ________. the individual users of personal inf

 Information silos arise as a result of ________.

A) the individual users of personal information systems

B) interenterprise information system's involvement to find solutions to problems arising within two or more enterprises

C) an organization's plan to create them

D) an organization's growth and increasing use of information systems

12) An information silo is also known as a(n) ________.

A) walled garden

B) island of automation

C) business process modeling notation

D) metadata

13) Which of the following applications falls under the common departmental information system of sales and marketing?

A) order tracking

B) general ledger

C) lead generation

D) assessment

14) As a common departmental information system, ________ includes order management.

A) accounting

B) operations

C) human resources

D) manufacturing

15) Planning and scheduling are applications that fall under ________.

A) manufacturing

B) sales

C) accounting

D) customer service

16) Order tracking and account tracking are applications of ________.

A) operations

B) manufacturing

C) marketing

D) customer service

17) ________ is an application of the human resources department.

A) Compensation

B) Planning

C) Financial reporting

D) Lead tracking

18) The summation of all the problems of information silos leads to ________.

A) diseconomies of scope

B) increased costs for the organization

C) diminishing marginal returns

D) reduced organizational innovation

19) Which of the following is a consequence of isolated information systems?

A) Data cannot get duplicated.

B) Business processes are coherent and efficient.

C) Decision are made is union with other systems.

D) There is a lack of integrated enterprise information.

20) ________ is the activity of altering and designing business processes to take advantage of new information systems.

A) Business process management

B) Business process reengineering

C) Business process improvement

D) Business process interoperability

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